Traktor Tips Remix Deck Course Remains

As many returning visitors will notice, Traktor Tips has changed. I have been going through the process of ‘closing down’ the site.

Whilst closing it all down I realised that the original free wordpress site still existed online and rather than completely KILL traktortips I have exported all the posts from November 2012 up until the present day and re-imported them into the old ‘free’ wordpress hosted site.

This means that the site is a little less cool, but all the content still remains and I don’t have the associated costs of running it.

The other bonus is that I have successfully moved the popular Remix Deck Course to Udemy which means you can still benefit from this excellent course that I worked so hard to create.

I am very excited to offer all my readers a 30% discount on the course – this offer expires on September 9th 2015 So be quick to get the deal!

I’m so happy that I have worked out a great way to continue to offer the existing videos and course to those who want to benefit from the course!

Thank you all for being supportive through this transition.


Join the Course in it’s new location for 30% off
Hurry – Offer ends Septemebr 9th

Traktor Tips is Closing

(Edit: This post originally appeared on the main ‘Traktortips’ Site, which will have disappeared, but I decided to import all the posts to it’s original location of this free wordpress site where it all began. this way you all still have access to the content. I do not plan on adding any more fresh content)

It’s time to say thank you and goodbye!

A tough decision, but the time has come.

It’s been an absolute blast creating ‘Traktor Tips’ and launching the courses that have helped so many people. I never would have guessed that my small personal blog could have grown so large and popular and I thank you all for that. Continue reading “Traktor Tips is Closing”

My Break from Traktor

Slow it down
photo credit: spring | idoia c.

For regular visitors to the site, you will have noticed my lack of commitment to writing new articles over the last two months. The reason for this might be two fold, or even three fold.

I felt compelled to write something today in an attempt to explain why, or maybe perhaps what, I have learned from not writing about Traktor, reading about Traktor, or even using Traktor over the last few months.

That’s right, I haven’t opened up Traktor since mid March! Continue reading “My Break from Traktor”

Why I won’t be talking about the latest “Deck” from manufacturer X.

There’s a touch of paradox in this article because I’m kind of talking about the latest Deck from ‘manufacturer X’, even though the title explains that I won’t be talking about it. Let me expand on this rather confusing topic.

I have recently had a revelation in my own world. This revelation puts me in a somewhat tricky place with regards “Traktor Tips”. It makes my job a little harder, but I’m up for the challenge.

Continue reading “Why I won’t be talking about the latest “Deck” from manufacturer X.”