Midi Mapping Traktor

Why do we need to know about Mapping Midi?

With so many options available to us for control methods of Traktor, I can imagine that unless you are using the standard controllers with the included standard tsi files, then there isn’t 2 people out there with the exact same controller or midi mapping settings.

This is the beauty of Traktor; the individuality that it can provide all of the DJ’s using the software.

traktor controller - 4midiloopSince the industry has moved on from the simplest raw art form of turntablism, we have been introduced to a new era of DJing. The introduction of ‘Beat-gridding’ removed the need for timing skills (the original essence of DJ’ing), however this freed up some space for other creative actions.

Loops and effects became the next big DJ skill to refine. DJ sets started becoming more of a mash-up style with people cramming more tracks into their sets. The methods of control moved on from simple turntable control to more button pushing.

With the introduction of Remix Decks, the humble, yet skilled, DJ can now become a live producer, mixing loops and effects in real time.

With the option of playing 16 channels at once, each channel playing 4 loops or sounds through Traktors’ remix decks, the DJ has an entire spaceship worth of controls to consider. Not to mention the possibility of layering the potential of 12 effects into the mix using traktors’ in line effects units.

Should you feel your skill level is still not being tested enough, this can all still be combined with the use of classic turntable control, just to make sure every part of your brain is being used!

So with all these controls at your fingertips, you might want to learn how to create your own midi mapping controls so that you can customize your DJ Set up!

Let me show you how to get started.

Midi mapping Traktor

Midi Mapping Traktor is not that difficult, but it certainly takes time.  The best way to learn, is to try it.  I recommend saving your current settings before you start to play about with midi maps. This way you have a template to revert to should you make mistakes.

Getting Started with Mapping in Traktor

There are a number of ways. I will explain the safest way for you here.

  • Open up the preferences.
  • Navigate to the Controller Manager Page.

Screen Shot of Controller manager page in traktor

  • Select each device and click ‘Export‘, chose your save location. I would maybe keep it in the ‘Settings‘ folder, which contains the ‘Default settings’ folder (this is where Traktor will automatically direct you to when you export this file).

Midi Mapping Screenshot of export page for tsi files in traktor

  • Name the file and and save each one individually.

Screen Shot of save page - midi mapping

  • Now return to the preferences page and select which device you want to change the midi mappings for. (for this exercise select Keyboard).

Device set up selector in Traktor - keyboard midi mapping

  • Now you can scroll into the Assignment Table – here you can see what hot keys are already assigned.  As it can be quite the task to scan through, we will just go ahead and create a new assignment.
  • Select ‘Add in...’ I want to add the ‘Tool Tips‘ function as a hot key.
  • Scroll down to ‘Global‘ then ‘Tool Tips on’.

Midi mapping screenshot

  • Activate the ‘Learn‘ Button so it turns yellow.
  • Press the ‘T’ key – and hey presto the T is assigned to tool tips.
  • Hang on though!!!  We need to check if that key is already assigned?
  • Making sure that the new Tool Tips assignment is highlighted in yellow, scroll up through the other assignments. If you are using the default midi mapping settings you will notice another item higher up, ‘Tempo Band Deck A‘ is also highlighted. This means this key is already assigned.
  • You can pick another key, repeating the process until you find a key not in use, OR, if you feel you will not use the pre-assigned function of the ‘T’ key, then you can delete the original.
  • Delete original: Highlight the Tempo Bend function that already has the ‘T’ assigned to it and simply press the Delete button that sits immediately under the assignment Table.
  • The last thing we need to do is check the interaction mode.

midi mapping your device

  • For this particular function – I recommend you select the ‘Toggle‘ option as this will toggle it between on and off.  Pressing it once for on and again for off. You can select ‘hold‘ if you would prefer.  This obviously means that you will have to hold down the ‘T’ to see the tool tips.  It is entirely down to your own preference.
  • Congratulations – you have now made your first key assignment.

This process is the same for all functions, be it for keyboard assignments or controller assignments.

Create a new template

If you would rather not mess with the existing midi mapping settings, you can create a new template altogether.  To do this, simple select ‘Add‘ underneath the Device and navigate to a pre-set tsi.  You can then import a pre-saved tsi or select  ‘Generic Midi‘ or ‘Generic Keyboard’.

screenshot for importing tsi midi mapping file to traktor This will create a completely new Device that you can adjust and mess about with until your hearts content.  If you do this however, you may get some overlap or duplicate midi settings between devices.  For instance, maybe you are setting up a Maschine to control Midi, but you already have an X1 set up.  You have to be careful that you don’t select a midi note (or signal) on the Maschine that performs a function that is already assigned to the X1 on the other device assignment table page.

Pre-Built Midi Mapping (tsi files)

A google search should turn up a bunch of pre-set tsi files that may be suitable for your workflow, you can download these and import them the way I explain above, but I feel that due to such different workflows that DJ’s may see more value in making your own.  This way you not only get to learn the program more, but you really start to think about how you perform and what you want to achieve. Another excellent resource is provided by DJ Tech Tools – here you can download all sorts of mappings for lots of controllers.

I have also created an S4 mapping that will update your Mk 1 Kontrol S4 to act like a Mk 2.

If you have any questions or even have some tsi files you want to share with others, feel free to use the comments section on this page.  I would love to hear feedback from the readers of Traktortips. Thank You.

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  • John Stewart

    Yes, I feel that there are not many really good in depth tutorials for midi mapping, taking in to consideration that it is a large part of the program to some people.
    I myself , for the moment am using a mixtrackpro though there is a default I use the Akai LPD8 and I sort of wish I had`nt as I find it hard to get it mapped as I would like it, Of course any tips would be greatly appreciated.
    I still use pro2.1.1 as I need to step up to window7—Thanx John Stewart

    • Traktor Tips

      It’s a complicated science to get into from zero, but with a lot of time and patience it will be conquered! I have been working with it a lot recently, maybe I will eventually get some time to make a tutorial……

  • Feroxz

    To bad this article doesn’t cover the midi out mapping. This is the hard part of mapping. Where midi in is kind of self-explanatory (just have to think on what kind of button, and what functionality, and then try), midi out leaves you wrestling with ranges of numbers, when you are not just assigning a simple on/off function but several states of the LEDs. Perhaps a nice addition?

  • Joe Banko

    Trying to get a Pioneer DDJ-WeGO mapped. I found a pretty good one on Native Instruments but I want to change the Filter controls to Key controls. I have been trying to get Key On but can’t find it anywhere in the Traktor 2.6.1 Controller Manager but it just isn’t there! I’m also trying to find out how to setup multiple single MIDI commands like Ch06.CC039+Ch06.CC007. Any help would be appreciated!

    • Traktor Tips

      I was playing around with this just yesterday – Key lock on is under Track Deck > Keylock on.

      As for multiple functions to one button – You can try mapping multiple functions to one button by simply adding another function and assigning it the same button. What is it you are looking to do?

      • Joe Banko

        I want to change the current mapping for the “B” controls (above the 2 platters) to turn the Key knob on for the corresponding platter. Right now it turns on the Filter knob. Then I can use the platter mapping for the Key knob. I tried to use the Keylock function but it didn’t seem to work. I also noticed that in the Xtreme mapping app both a Key On and a Keylock function exist.

        • Traktor Tips

          I’ve asked on twitter if anyone can offer help – I did find this http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/ephox/StaticFiles/Manuals/DJ/DDJ-WeGo-List%20of%20MIDI%20Messages.pdf But I would maybe also make a post on the NI forum.

          • Joe Banko

            Thanks for the assistance! I actually have that document but do appreciate the response. I usually post on the NI forum as a last step. The responses I get there are sometimes over my head Traktor newbie that I am. I also posted on the Pioneer forum and contacted their tech support but have yet to hear back.

            Thanks again.

            Joe B

            • Traktor Tips

              No problem – Good luck – thanks for reaching out to us. I will keep my eyes and ears open for any form of support too. Cheers.

  • Paul Montague

    Thanks fella,
    This has helped me a good bit! I’ll let u know how I get on. :-)

    • http://www.facebook.com/jl.shakabrah J L Shaka Brah

      Hi guys,

      just wanted to be sure: the export as you show it allow me to save my configuration in a tsi file? or do I have to do it another?
      I’d like to save my configuration, in order to try another controler. After having tried it, i’d like to go back to the mapping i had before. Is that possible?

      thx to ya all!

      • Alan Churchill

        Hey JL – Sorry for delayed response – this will export it as a tsi file. once you have exported it and imported the new one – you can go ahead and delete the original one you just exported. Then whenever you want to import the new one – just repeat that process…

      • Alan Churchill

        Yes – this will work this way….

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