Mountain Lion Compatibility Issues with Traktor

(Update November 30th 2012: The latest update to Traktor seems to have been made on November 14th 2012 – Native instruments say that all systems seem to be running well – please check their latest comments here! )
Mountain Lion Traktor TipsAs Mountain Lion becomes available for purchase people will be upgrading their systems.  Some people are early adopters and just can’t wait to get their hands on the newest system.  I would offer you a word of warning however.  Native Instruments has reported some compatibility issues.  I would recommend that one waits until all these issues have been ironed out.  If however you are happy to go test things
out, then NI have released some Beta Drivers
for those experiencing issues.

In the NI newsletter they say the follow:-

Due to USB audio driver issues present in recent versions of OSX, some NI products will experience a degraded audio signal when used with OS X 10.8 “Mountain Lion” on any Apple hardware. The same issue occurs with the current-generation MacBooks under 10.7 using USB 3.0. Specifically, the following NI products are affected:



If anyone has any advice to offer other users in relation to this, then please help out by commenting below.  Also not forgetting that NI have also just released a Traktor Update 2.5.1 – this can be downloaded via your Service Centre.

  • Florian

    Did someone had connectivity issues with NI Audio 8 Dj? Mine is not recognised by my Mac (Mountain Lion) even if the latest driver available on NI website is installed. Tried to replace the cable, install an older driver.. nothing worked. The usb led is blinking and nothing happens.

    • Traktor Tips
      • Florian

        Thanks for your quick reply! i’ve tried the troubleshooting guide you provided, no success. Should mention – it works on Windows 7.. Anyway, i raised a ticket to NI support, but given their overall support quality, i still feel hopeless.

        • Traktor Tips

          Hmmmm – I have been an apple Fan boy since 2006, but recently Apple have been disappointing me….. I hope you find a result from NI support!

  • Dom

    Hi, everything was working fine when i was using 10.6, but after upgrading to 10.8 all my woes start here. When i use traktor now the audio keeps freezing and my cpu usage goes red for a few seconds causing the audio to get stuck and play, like a cd that is skiping. Should i downgrade to 10.6 or is there anything that i could do to keep 10.8.

    • Alan Churchill

      Hey Dom – sorry to hear about your issues, it’s never fun. Did you get it sorted? If not, I would recommend initiating a ticket with NI.

  • Pedro Paulo

    I have the Osx 10.8.2 and is impossible install the traktor 2.6.0, and my traktor s4 does’t work. what i need to do?

    • Nicolas

      You must use only osx 10.7 minimum. And for use controller as S4, be careful at your updates ! for controller, use 10.7.5 minimum.
      sorry for my english

  • Dylan

    Beta usb drivers are only for windows users.
    someone can please help me installing audio kontrol 1 driver in mac osx 10.8?

    Thank you!

  • C.I.R.

    so now is possible to play with S4 on Mountan Lion??

    • Alan Churchill

      Yes, I do! I have filmed my new upcoming S4 course using Mountain Lion.

    • Nicolas

      it’s possible but, i think it’s better with lion updated. (10.7.5)

  • Dushyant

    Have had a smooth one with Traktor Audio 2 DJ on 10.5 OSX and totally not working on 10.8 with 2.6 upgrade. The tracks freeze on Traktor, works perfectly with Mac’s built-in soundcard.

  • jeff

    Hi there,

    I bought a new laptop mbp 2011,…has OSX 10.7.5, will traktor scratch pro , and audio 8 have any issues,…thank!


  • Ari Powell

    Hey, just following up on the same question…

    so i’m curious, what exactly is the root of the problem causing the incompatibility between mountain lion and Traktor? is it that Mountain Lion does not support USB 3.0?

    Is this still an issue with Traktor 2.6 or patches from Apple since release?

    Im trying to assess whats going to happen to my S2′s functionality with my MBP (MBP 6,1) BEFORE I decide whether or not to download it haha. I want iCloud to work properly, but i definitely don’t want to f*#¥ up the function of my controller with the computer in the process. If there are any solid fixes, or if this isn’t a problem anymore, let me know!

    Thanks Traktor Tips Man!

    • Alan

      The latest update to Traktor seems to have been made on November 14th 2012 – Native instruments say that all systems seem to be running well – please check their latest comments here!

    • Matt Auckland

      I’m running a mid-2009 Macbook Pro with a 750GB Seagate Momentous HDD (hybrid HDD/SDD). I also run OSX 10.8.2, and Traktor 2.5.1 with an S2 controller, and I’ve not experienced any issues, other than the odd incorrect BPM after analysing.

      Is Traktor 2.6 buggy, or is it safe to update yet?

  • Spencer Myers

    Where can I download a fresh copy of Service Center for 10.8? The downloads available on the NI Website only offer up to 10.7. Help?

  • Richard

    Beta drivers worked for me, thanks! When could we expect a full driver update through the service centre?

    • Traktor Tips

      Good question – I am sure it is something of a priority for NI – maybe their forums wold be a good place to ask?

  • Diploz

    it doesn’t work for me!!! i have 2 mac(mac mini and macbook) and they doesn’t work with audio8dj

  • ravi

    Beta Drives was a big help for me

    • Traktor Tips

      Excellent thanks Ravi!

  • sal

    this sucks. Not totally unexpected, but a bummer just the same. Growing pains.

    • Traktor Tips

      I have been getting some reports of people having no issues with their upgrade – just be weary – maybe do a time machine back up before upgrading – then you could always roll back!