Controlling Traktor with my iPhone

Today I decided to look a little more deeply into different control methods for traktor and although I dont yet have an iPad, I decided to trial the smaller brother of a great iPad app…….. TouchOSC for iPhone.

There are a couple of steps to get it working….(you need a mac)

1. Go to here you can obtain a free demo template for use within TouchOSC

2. Download the free demo and follow the instructions. This demo is merely template software that you can later download more intricate templates for a small price.

3. The instructions will direct you to go to to download the touch osc editor.

4.  Then you need to head to  Here you download the software that seems to contain the midi messages that you then sync with the template you downloaded.  Free to trial.

4.  You will then need to download the actual app to your phone or iPad – Touch OSC

5.  The video below will show you this process in more depth and will also help you set up the network to your phone / ipod.

6. Then you can launch traktor and in the preferences import the tsi file that came with the download of the templates demo.

Then your good to go.  Enjoy. It works seamlessly.  These instructions are not exhaustive, please refer to the main for further assistance.

I’m gonna give it a blast at my next gig.  Would be nice if it worked over bluetooth aswell as wireless.


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