Traktor worked well

Last night was the first run of Traktor 2 out and about in the real world instead of in a safe environment.  It performed very well.  I noticed that it was very smooth and the reaction times whilst using CDJ’s as my control method was very responsive.  My set up included 2 CDJ’s, a Xone92 and my Kontrol X1.  There were no glitches or issues at any point, it seemed to be very stable.  Everything was working as it should be, although I didn’t delve in to any sample decks as yet.  I can’t see why these should be any different though?  The one thing I noticed more than anything was how quickly the track played when pressing the cue button on the CDJ.  There used to be a bit of lag on the old traktor and it would occasionally miss the beat, but inside the new Traktor it was faultless.

I love the way it looks too, it’s easier on the eye and was a pleasure to work with.  I also enjoy the way that the wave for zoom buttons disappear from view until you hover over them, maximizing the viewable window of the waveform.

Thanks Native Instruments, so far so good.

2 thoughts on “Traktor worked well

  1. Guys: I did my first gig with TPro2 last night and believe me it was a rock solid performance from both the software & the hardware. The best thing here is that the CPU usage never went up and was bordering not more than 50%. Despite of using all 4 decks, there was no latency whatsoever and the beat matching happened seamlessly. Love the funky waveforms and how I can now distinguish between my snares & kicks. Thanks Native Instruments for taking DJing experience to the next level.

    Musically Yours,
    Dj Swap –
    Pune, India

    Config: TPro2, S4, Lenovo Dual core 2 GHz, 4 Gb RAM and the works…

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