Traktor with Lion Mac OSX

Go make your DJ sets roar!

As per the old post from Native Instruments (see here) Traktor Pro 2 seems to be working fine on my 2006 MacBook Pro.

I installed the New Mac Operating System, Lion today and have not seen any issues thus far.  As with Lion the mouse track pad works in the opposite direction than before, so when you are scrolling through tracks it works like it would on an iPhone or iPad for scrolling.  It is a little tricky to get used to, but it can be turned off in the preferences if you like.  So far, I like it, so I’ll stick with it this way for now.

Another great feature is within Quicktime itself.  I am now able to highlight the mouse clicks for my instructional videos.  So for those people that requested that option in my videos, you don’t have to wait any longer.  Thanks for your patience.  Find my videos on Youtube at

If anyone hears of any issues upgrading let me know.  It was seamless for me and everything was as it was before when running Snow Leopard.

Thanks to Native Instruments and Apple.

Edit: November 22 2011: For those experiencing some lagging, try this.


63 thoughts on “Traktor with Lion Mac OSX

  1. I recently bought an Audio 6 interface, after a NI employee responded to my question re its compatibility with Logic via a DJM 600 and active monitors – I was told there would be no issue. I just entered Logic and tried to use my new midi keyboard; the keyboard plays through the internal speakers, but when I set it to output through the Audio 6 I get nothing. I went to Mac utilities and found the audio midi set up, I selected output to Audio 6, but all the volume sliders are set to zero, and it won’t let me move them.

    Your help would be hugely appreciated!

    1. You need to make the changes inside logic – go to Prefs>Audio>Devices and select your output device to be the audio 6 – then you set up the channels how ever you want them – you can change them between mono and stereo and route them within the channel strip in the logic mixer – hope this helps.

  2. Hello,

    I also need help with traktor and my new mac (10.7.3). I installed the Traktor LE Version that came with my Traktor Kontrol X. It works but a little while ago I bought the Traktor Pro 2 Upgrade. The installation on my Windows-PC worked fine. Now, when I’m trying to install the Mac-Version I download from the NI site nothing happens. The program still says Traktor LE (2.1.3.) 12972 / Full.

    What do I have to do to get the update working?

    Hoping for help!

    Bye, Tim

  3. hello , i have instal traktor pro 2.0.3 on my new macbook pro 13′ and does not connect with my tractor s4 she tell my “there are not mapped controller” she is might be a problem with the lion? is 10.7.3 .

    please please help me quick.

    1. Hey Gaby,

      I run 10.7.3 version of mac the first thing i reccomend is to restart the whole OS. and check to make sure all applications are terminated.

  4. just wondering that this program cannot be installed in several computing system.still works on my pc ,but the new mac is not recognising the usb signal of my audio 8..maybe cause I’m plugged in a 2.0 powered usb hub ,dunno what the hell is going on,need your feedback thanks…….

  5. had traktor scratch pro 4 a while now on my pc,had major issues with audio i switched 2 a macbook pro 15 with the new lion osx ,reinstalled it but its not reading my audio 8 external sound card ,why????????????

  6. good day,

    like everyone else, i’m having issues with my traktor scratch duo2. I’m running it with audio6 traktor 2.1.2 on technique 1200’s with a djm350 mixer. my laptop is running on iOS lion 10.7.2.

    issue- the mixer works fine with traktor (cross fader,gains, everything) i am having trouble with traktor connecting with my tables. i get absolutely no signal from my table to the audio 6/the software. i’ve tried 2 different sets of tt’s, and still unable to use. I’m guessing its a software issue?? all drivers are up to date from my understanding. plz help!

    1. Ho there thanks for your post. Firstly I will explain that I am not tech support personally and as such would advise you to go to

      That would be the best place to check for some info. Aside from that, Have you pressed the “rst” button as you sync the decks. Make sure you have the scope showing up on each deck and then press the rst (reset) button before you play the deck – also obviously check the input routing on the software matched that on the audio 6 or 8. Hope you find a fix.

  7. Hi there, I have just installed Traktor Scratch Pro 2 on my new Macbook Pro running the latest OSX Lion. The software installed properly and my Audio 10 and older Audio 8 is working but i cannot get any audio output when I switch to the Built-in sound card. Any advice on this?

    1. When you switch back to built in sound, have you checked the output routing? Making sure its all internal. Sometimes, effects can remain on too which makes you think there is no sound.

      1. Checked already…, output routing is internal, but the the audio indicator is orange in color instead of blue. really puzzling

      2. Hey Dennis, I think I am a little unsure as to what you are trying to achieve. Are you still wanting to use the Audio 8/10 sound card to input sound but use the internal sound as the output? If so, the only way to achieve this is to use aggregate sound and split the output in the mac somewhere. Apple shows you how –

        As I am not official tech support I don’t have any resources other than the internet and without seeing the issue, it is tricky for me to trouble shoot. I would maybe suggest you export the current working tai files to the desktop as back up and then go into preferences and click set up wizard for how you want it to play internally. Then if that works, export that tai file with a different name, then you can just reimport the settings you want when you want them.

    1. Hey there – I would follow through the set up wizard – if you have done that and still nothing go into the preferences and into the X1 page and click the recalibrate. (also check your usb cables and ports) If that doesn’t do it – try going into controller manager in the preferences page, click the devices drop down, select x1 and makes sure the in and out ports are set to all ports. Let me know if that fixes it?

  8. Hi @ all! Please, please help me out.
    I have bought:
    a mac book pro, 13″, 2,4 GHz, version End of 2011, 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
    WITH Software Mac OS X LION – version: 10.7.2 which seems to run on 64 bit but
    my tracktor pro 2 (scratch) & consequently also the Traktor Kontrol X1 are supporting majorly
    only 32 bit.
    I don’t get my time-code-vinyls on my 2 reloop rp-6000 MK6 turntables calibrated.
    I already found out that 10.7.2 is not compatible with the tractor pro 2 scratch.

    How can I fix this issue??
    Is there any way to start or configurate that Mac OS X Lion will although only work on 32 bit on my mac?
    Or maybe to open the traktor pro 2 scratch only with 32 bit processing?
    Are any patches, for instance from Native Instruments or others available for download? where, please?

    Please give me a link or a detailed fixing procedure manual with concrete steps to follow on.

    Please, please please HELP…

    Thank you!

    Best regards
    dj aTraktor

  9. Thanks for answer Andrew. So what should I do? because i’m experiencing bad glitches in the songs when i go 4 decks and effects… I’m running on 44.1Hz and Latency at 64, so i get 2.4ms Overall.. If i get it higher it works better, but hey… its a macbook =S that should be happening..

  10. Hi.. well, I upload to Lion 10.7.2 and my traktor scratch po 2 works great…. BUT… i see my CPU bar in the traktor its like working more than normal… and just using 2 decks with timecode vinyls. When i get 4 decks and loops and effects, the CPU bar goes to red, and the music sound pretty crapy and bad.. Like when you use 96 sample rate in your computer… And i have a early 2011 Macbook pro 13, so it is i5 2.3 and 4gb ram… when i used to have snow Leopard none of this happen…
    Help me out here please… Thanks.

    1. I would check all the processes running on your Mac to see if anything else is draining your processor, maybe turn off spotlight settings and any screen saver or energy saver settings. You could maybe try disabling the touch pad too, along with any hot corners and multiple desktops; so you are down to the simplest settings. I have experienced that following an upgrade to lion things are slow for a certain amount of time, but as you use the computer more, things start to settle in a bit. Many people also suggest a clean install. You can find details of how to do this on the net, but it is quiet the process. Let me know if any of this helps! Thanks.

    2. Rafael, I have noticed this as well.

      I went from a 2007 MBP core 2 duo to (now currently) a 2011 MBP 2.4ghz i7 and Traktor on the new computer runs the load/CPU bar up more than my 2007….which doesn’t really make any sense??

      1. I asked NI Tech and they sent me these directions:

        “Unplug the audio 10 from the computer.

        open the disk utiltiy via APPLICATIONS/UTILITES, select your MACINTOSH HD on the
        left and click REPAIR DISK PERMISSIONS.

        Download the latest device updater 1.0.0 and DRIVER 1.0.7 from our site, and
        install them both”

        and it worked!

  11. my traktor scratch pro bug a lot with macbookpro i7 with mac osx 10.7.2
    when i would like to go on my sound bank , the soft closed 😦

  12. Hello (I re-write my message here since I think it’s more link to this topic, sorry for writing it first in the Welcome section 🙂

    I have a problem to install my kontrol X1 on my MacBook. (I use to play with it and traktor Pro 2 on my old pc)
    I’ve done everything as it is said in the documentation, but the computer doesn’t recognize it. It’s been 3 days now that I’m trying everything, and nothing!!!.
    When I search for the kontrol X1 in my settings it doesn’t appear (no X1.tsi only the audio 1.tsi)
    I thought that it was maybe a question of traktor update, so I’ve uploaded the 1.2.7 version but my Mac says that it’s incomplete (???) Should I update the version 2?
    Hope you will help me, I bought this MacBook specially for mixing!!!!!

    1. I would try and re-import a tsi for the x1. By heading into the setup wizard. I don’t think you would need to upgrade to lion. It should work on your 10.6.8. Make sure all traktor updates are done through the service centre. It is also important that the ports are set correctly. Have a play with them, maybe set them to ‘all ports’. Also, have you tested the USB slot with any other devices?

      1. Hi,
        First thanks for your response it always nice to see that somebody wants to help you 🙂
        So, the USB slot works with other devices 😦
        What do you mean by “that the ports are set correctly. Have a play with them, maybe set them to ‘all ports’.” ( where to you set this?)
        Concerning the traktor update, the initial version that I bought was a 1.2.2, so I’ve tried to update it to 1.2.7 (from native instrument page) since I was told that this is the update that works on Mac and with the X1.
        When I make the update everything seems to go right, but when I check in traktor it still says that the version is 1.2.2.
        Any idea why the version doesn’t change?

      2. Sorry you are still having some issues. I would maybe suggest completely uninstalling the Traktor you have and start fresh. As I don’t work for NI I don’t have all the resources they may have to troubleshoot your issue. Give the uninstall a go and if that fails I’d maybe give the NI troubleshooters a message. They are very good even if they take a week or so to reply.

  13. Hello,

    I´ve just installed Traktor 3.3 on Lion 10.7. When one track is playing and another track is dragged into the other deck the system crashes. Does not matter if is using an external or internal soundcard.

    Please help me, thank you.

  14. Many thanks for the swift reply 🙂

    I have switched from absolute to relative and unfortunately this doesn’t make a difference.

    I have just now re-installed the whole software, applied the latest updates and I’m still getting the skipping message when hitting the cue 😦

    I have tried different cables, re-wired everything so nothing is loose, unfortunately I’ve only got two Pioneer CDJ1000MK2s to test with at home, but I find it unlikely both of my units would be faulty.

    The skipping doesn’t effect my mix, everything is great once in playback, it’s just on the cue when this message appears. I’ve brought this up with a few people – friends/DJs who use the same set-up and on the NI forums to which I get mixed responses. Many say skipping is normal and to ignore it, but then some say otherwise.

    Maybe I should just turn the scratch panel off on the display and get on with it but a little thing in the back of my head just niggles as I’m almost certain this didn’t happen before I initially applied updates and upgraded to Lion OSX.

    1. Yeah I know what you mean about the niggles in your head. Once it’s there it can be very annoying. I think as you say I would maybe move on if it doesn’t cause an issue with the actual playback. I believe you have done all you can at this stage. Maybe an update Traktor in the future might fix it? Thanks for highlighting this issue on the site here, if nothing else, others can maybe learn of our attempts to figure it out.

      1. I’ve been been having the same problem but it’s only begun for me a few days ago and I’ve been running lion for a few weeks now….

        It’s odd because I’ve tried reburning the time code cd’s and re-calibrating. The annoying thing for me is that when i launch a track its always behind or delayed by around a second.

        I’m going to test on a different setup tomorrow. (I use cdj 400’s at home)

  15. When I launch Traktor it runs fine, but my Kontrol X1 isn’t working. It lights up when I plug it in like it’s supposed to, but it’s not working with the software at all.


      1. I get the same issue but with my Audio 6, for some reason you have to restart the Mac and then it will recognizes the devices properly. I never had this issue on a PC but on a Mac it keeps doing that.

      2. I figured out my issue on the mac not recognizing audio 6. I had a faulty system board on the mac. Go figure my luck with computers and I get mac with a faulty system board. lol.

      3. oh man – that sucks – technology is great, but there is always a chance of these random issues! It’s a complex maze trying to figure out many issues! So many different possibilities!

  16. Hi there, i had major major problems updating to lion last week, at home i use a usb soundcard for monitoring in my headphones. To do this i have always used ‘Audio midi setup’ in utilities on the mac and created an ‘Aggregate device’ in snow leopard. When i boot traktor i can select the Aggregate device and then split the master to my built in output and monitor to my usb soundcard – perfect!
    But since lion – it just doesnt work? Infact 9 out of 10 times it crashes traktor pro 2 everytime ;(

    Ive tried to search various formus but carnt find any solution, can you help??

    1. Hey Ricky, I am sorry to hear about your issue here with the installation, sounds like a real pain for you. Thanks for sharing it here for others to check out. As far as your issue, I would possibly recommend re-installing TP2. If that doesn’t work, then I’d maybe create a new mac account and install it to there and see if that fixes the issue. Failing that, I would make sure everything is backed up and then create a dmg of lion and do a clean install.

      Whenever you purchased software from Apple in the past they would give you 90 days of free tech support. I hope they still do the same with software purchased from the App Store. I would recommend calling those guys here are the contact numbers.

      Here is another great resource for you – Lion Support

      If Apples suggestions don’t fix it, then it would be time to turn to NI.

      Hope this helps you – let us know how it all goes and good luck – remember ALWAYS BACK UP!

  17. Hey there. I updated to Lion this week, using Traktor Pro 2, and I can’t figure a way to do proper recording on it. I press the record button and increase the gain to the maximum to see if it’s a volume problem, and no matter what I do, every time I try to open the recoding file on my itunes, it just plays no sound. I’m only using my computer (no MIDI controllers or soundcards) and therefore use Internal Mixing mode, but there’s nothing I can possibly do to fix this. Can you help me out?

    1. Check 2 settings – 1- “Output routing” set to internal – 2- “mix recorder” set to internal. Once this is done, you should see the blue EQ illuminate in the mix recorder section in top left of TP2. You can adjust the levels by using the gain in the mix recorder. Also make sure your file path for recording is set right. Once it has recorded and you know the file exists and you can find the file on your hard drive, then when you open it in iTunes you should be good.

  18. thanks for the reply, would love to hear if you get the same when you test it out. I’m almost certain it’s not a Lion issue as I’ve seen a few people posting that they’ve had this occurrence well before Lion was around.

    I’ve posted in a few forums including the Native Instruments User Forum. I’m getting really frustrated with Traktor as it seems to be one problem after another and I’m dubious if my set up is correct 😦

    1. Hey Martin, Using TP2 and a cdj 800 with Lion installed I do not get any skipping. I have been trying to replicate your issue and am unable to. The only things I can think of is if your CDJ setting is different. There used to be in the old traktor a setting for CD mode versus vinyl. I can not locate this option in TP2. I would check that your line in is set to vinyl in the audio set up section of the preferences and that all other ins and outs are correctly set. Maybe there is an issue with the disc or the CD player. Try and re-burn a copy of the control CD and see if that fixes the issue. If possible maybe borrow a different CDJ and see if that is the issue.

      1. Apparently the Pioneer CDJ1000 MkII isn’t a supported CD deck with the TSP software. Seems a shame considering this is pretty much the industry standard throughout the majority of clubs and bars. I’m still unfortunately getting the skipping on cue, even with the new control discs… not sure if to re-install and see if that helps the situation 😦

      2. You can certainly use the cdj1000 mk 2 with Traktor. You have to have the scratch version and use the time code cd’s. Which I guess you are doing. Don’t use Master Tempo on your CDJs, use the keylock inside Traktor instead.

      3. When I submitted a ticket to the NI support team they just recommended I download the new timecode CD files and check if my CD decks are compatible with the Traktor software from their list, which unfortunately the 1000s are missing from:

        I have tried absolutely everything, rewired, updated software, tried new timecodes in WAV and MP3 format (would the type CD I’m burning to make difference? straw clutching?).

        Adjusting the keylock in Traktor doesn’t make any difference to the skipping message.

        I’ve filmed exactly what I’m getting:

      4. Hey thanks for the links. The reason the cdj1000’s are not in that list is because the 1000’s do not have midi and therefore can not be used to control Traktor via midi messages. The 400, 900 & 2000’s all support midi and therefore can control Traktor without the need for time code cd’s. Aside from this, I do notice that your tracking mode is set to relative. Maybe try it in absolute mode (select the button with the representation of a record and tonearm to activate it) it ‘might’ make a difference. Also myself clutching at straws, change cables, try your entire set up with a different cdj 1000. On top of this does the fact that it displays the skipping message interfere with your mix at all. Can you live with it like this? I know it’s not a fix, but you know what I’m saying. If not, then a complete reinstall might be the last solution. Have you come across anyone else with the same problem?

  19. unfortunately the skipping message for me appears every time when I repeatedly hit the cue button on my cd deck. I really don’t recall this previously to Lion or the numerous Traktor updates I performed yesterday. Some people have said that the ‘skipping’ message when hitting the cue is perfectly normal??

    1. Due to the cd technically being in pause it may be right that this is normal. I am not in a position to test it out. Maybe submit a ticket to the NI support guys. They are very helpful and might be able to affirm I’d this is a lion anomaly or standard. Feel free to post any answer here to share. 😉

  20. I updated to Lion OSX and installed a number of the updates from the NI website to my Traktor Scratch Pro / CD deck set up and everytime I repeatedly hit the cue button on my CD decks the SKIPPING message displays for a second and then disappears and all seems fine when the track is in play.

    I spent most of yesterday updating Traktor to 1.2.7 but I keep getting this skipping message, is this an error that needs addressing or is it normal?


    1. Thanks for the feedback. I will run some tests. I occasionally get a skipping message on my CDs while it is trying to recognize the cd. I’ve noticed that if I pitch them up to full speed it tends to recognize them a little quicker.

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