Controlling the Sample Decks with an X1 – Limited Offer

Native Instruments have started another great offer for this August and September 2011.

If you purchase an X1 during those months, you can upload your receipt to the NI website to claim your free copy of Traktor Pro 2.  You also receive an e-voucher to claim your free overlay for the new X1 along with the new mapping to set up the new X1 to control the sample decks.

Very tempting, I would love to have two X1’s.  Hmmmm, can I afford it this month?!

Go check out the deal on the NI Website

It appears that there is already a default mapping in the settings of Traktor.  In the support pages of Native Instruments Website I found the article below. I guess you need two X1’s connected for it to work though.  Enjoy.

Controlling TRAKTOR 2’s Sample Decks



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