Is Serato challenging Traktor

Serato have just release a free update (Itch 2.0) that seems to be taking some ideas from the lovely folks at Native Instruments. They are terming it the ‘Game-Changer’.
Having watched this little video they have put together, there does definitely seem to be some improvements, such as the sync functions and I do sort of like the stack mode for the decks. It doesn’t seem to look as nice as Traktor though and I feel they still have a bit of work to do in that area. Native instruments also have such amazing controllers at hand, but with Rane in partnership with Serato, I would expect to see some nice equipment coming at some point in the future.

Watch the video and judge for yourself. I’m still happy that my choice of software was Traktor.

2 thoughts on “Is Serato challenging Traktor

  1. I just bought a Xone DX controller that came with ITCH and I really have no clue how people can even compare the 2. ITCH to me seems like a SEGA Genesis while Traktor is a PS3. The waves are too small, the library system in ITCH is terrible, everything has to be put in crates or it just lists all your music together. I have folders in folders in folders and to get to them in ITCH takes forever. I know I am used to Traktor but tried to go into it with an open mind and it just looks like a mess to me. Good thing Allen & Heath have a great mapping for Traktor, works pefectly.

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