iPad Control for Traktor Pro 2

I previously covered the Touch OSC for iPhone a little while back and a previous post will explain how you can do this and where to download the software.

I decided to go ahead and purchase the Osculator software so I could properly run this software on the iPad and I have included a video below to show you this in action.  I simply am using the demo template on the iPad, but the software than links it all up ended up costing me $20.

This set up is ideal for the mobile DJ with lack of your own transport.  I occasionally play at a bar that doesn’t supply their own mixer, but has an RCA lead for me to plug into that runs to the system amps.  With my Audio 8, X1 and iPad, I am set to rock out and can now leave my heavy road case containing the DJM600, at home!

With this set up, you can get away with just the Audio 2.  It’s a perfect way to set yourself up for cheap if you already own an iPad.

Traktor Pro 2 $229 – or – Duo for $119 – USD

Audio 2 $119 – USD

Osculator Software – $20 – USD

(Edit: You can now also use Touch OSC Bridge instead of Osculator Software – there is slightly less functions, but it works very well)


3 thoughts on “iPad Control for Traktor Pro 2

  1. hi there I wonder if you could share how you set up both the x1 and Touch Osc in Tracktor 2… I can only seem to one or the other… I love the look of this set up.. and have Trakto 2, Touch OSC, Bridge Editor, x1 macbookpro & iPad of course…

    Also are you still using this set up has it changed much, do you have any good mapping templates to share??? 😉 TMx

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