Beat-grid ‘Tick’ Tip






Hello folks – Just a quick tip here about how you can hear the tick sound for lining up your beatgrids.

So the ‘Tick’ button at the top of the screen in the metronome section is the tick for the Master Tempo.  This tick button will allow you to hear a tick that is set to the Tempo that is displayed alongside it in the master tempo window.  If you Sync your track to the master tempo then you should attempt to aline the beat with the tick in your headphones.

The other method of listening to the ‘tick’ is to use the small headphone symbol in the advanced drop down below the deck itself.  This will play the tick sound at the same speed that the deck is travelling.

Both methods cause the tick to appear in the monitor channel, the channel that you would normally use for your headphones.  If for whatever reason you do not have an audio interface connected, you can change your preferences so that the monitor/headphone channel comes out through the main speakers on your computer.  This way you can easily do all your beat-gridding on your computer whilst on the move.



6 thoughts on “Beat-grid ‘Tick’ Tip

  1. this is handy.. but unfortunately i cant get the tick to be audible.. i’m using traktor scratch pro 2.. any ideas would be very appreciated. ive tried hitting the little headphone button within the dropdown menu.. nothing.. ive also tried the master tick button.. again nothing..

    i hope you can help

    1. Hey Chris, it will have something to do with your audio settings. Maybe check the balance in the headphones, or the output routing in the settings. What setup are you using – external, internal, audio interface, internal only, how are the headphones routed?

      1. ok.. hanks for the reply… It works when ive got my audio 4 hooked up running through an external mixer. so , it just seems to be not working when its internal without soundcard??!??

      2. When it’s internal you need to maybe look at splitting the sound into left and right, so that you can listen to both the main and the cue. I would set one of the main outs to left and one of the monitor outs to right, that way you can hear the click when you have the cue button active.

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