Speeding up your Lion

It has come to my attention that a lot of people have been experiencing slower than normal operating speeds for Traktor following an upgrade to Lion on the Mac.

I have not been experiencing these issues on my 2006 MacBook Pro, but I have been noticing some lagging on my 2010 iMac whilst using logic, which should not be the case. The only real difference I could imagine was to account for this speed difference was down to the fact that I had previously completed a clean install of snow leopard on my MacBook Pro just a few weeks prior to upgrading to Lion. My iMac on the other hand had simply gone through normal computing with no clean installs before merely upgrading to Lion.

Taking this into account, I searched for some advice online and found the following article recommending that I boot into recovery mode and repair both the disk and the disk permissions. I followed these instruction, then restarted and did nothing with my iMac until the spotlight had indexed the drives. You can check to see if it has finished indexing by simply pressing ‘Cmd’ & ‘space’.

This whole process took about 30 minutes and didn’t involve a clean install, it only found 2 or 3 permission errors & no disk errors, but following the advice, I repaired anyway.
Following reboot, and completion of spotlight indexing, I started up iPhoto with a 12,000 photo library, pixelmator, which had a large project in that was lagging very heavily the night before, logic, with lots of plug ins and Final Cut Pro X. I ran them all together and all ran seamlessly.

I would certainly try this out as your first attempt to fix these speed issues. Hope this helps.
You can find the how to’s here. Scroll down to the post by APierce24.

If this doesn’t fix your issue, I would suggest the next step to be a clean install of Lion.

5 thoughts on “Speeding up your Lion

  1. I use Lion 10.7.2 and I´ve tried many times to use Traktor DJ studio 3.2.1 and it never worked. After playing normally for a couple of minutes, when dragging a track into a deck, it simply crashes. Once I´ve already post two or three comments here to try to find an answer for these issues, and someone from the site always delete my post, I´ve just give up and started to work with Native competitor´s software.

    1. I am sorry that I have not been able to answer your questions. I have definitely never deleted any comments and I am the only person involved in this site. I am in no way affiliated with Traktor and simply post my tips and help for free to help people out where possible. This is a hobby of mine that I like to share when I get the time. It is a shame you have decided to use alternative software, because from my experience Traktor is the best DJ Software out there. Ableton is also amazing software and I recommend it’s use too, but it is a different style of DJ’ing altogether and not for everyone.
      If you have an issue with Traktor please contact the manufacturers and air your grievances. I am sure they would be willing to help you out as I have received great assistance from them, when I have had issues myself. Please do not mistake me for traktors help line as I do not want your bad experience here to reflect in anyway on Native Instruments Support Team, who in my opinion have been awesome. I am nothing to do with them and have never been employed by them, I have merely bought products from them as you have. It just so happens that my experience has thus far been flawless and therefore I am happy to support them. Here is the official support team – all the best – http://www.native-instruments.com/en/support/product-support/

    2. your video just proved how awoesme the S4 works!, gonna be picking one up next month but tell me what the name of that awoesme dub track you were doing a demo of on the video with the Mike Tyson loops. I stopped and went back like 20 times and jammed cause it was that good. haha

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