First Gig with Maschine

I bought Maschine about a week ago and have been learning how to use it with the help of and

I was very excited to get out with Maschine as you can see from this little video.

My friend and I set up Maschine with the Audio 8 through the main system and a guitar through a small Marshall amp and for the first time, we produced live tracks on the fly.

This was an excellent way to learn how Maschine can be used for live performances. I was going to link it through Traktor, but on this occasion we kept it simple.

Now I can’t wait to perform live again and use Maschine to create on the fly.  My advice to  people setting out on Maschine would be to play play play.  This will help you learn what sound clips are contained in the sound packs included with the Maschine so you can jump right into creating on the fly and maybe even begin to build up your own sounds clips favourites.

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