9 thoughts on “F1 Pre-orders

  1. I’m not ordering one, but since Jim Mazur based the design for that controller on a detailed drawing that I sent to him 4 years ago when WE were testing the SCS3M, you would think he would want me to have one. but such is the dirty nature of the DJ biz, I guess.

      1. Yea, I keep wondering the same thing. My ideas, and my IP can be spotted all over the place. the SCS4dj, the “back locking system” on the new behringer controllers, several key features on the scs3m. I would say the only controller Jim Mazur ever designed was the scs1 series, and those suck. he did the same stuff to DJ Focus, sabotaged his career. My guess is he only hired Scott Hobbs to pick his brain(i.e steal his ideas) Just watch, at some point, Scott will figure out what jim is up to.
        Yea, that was MY idea. Nothing like it existed at the time, and at that time everyone said it was a dumb idea. Doesn’t look so dumb now does it. Anyways, this is me in case you think I’m full of it..http://stantondj.com/stanton-artist/artist-Imfromthafutur.html

  2. I ordered mine yesterday! Can’t wait! I think this will be the last toy I order for a while…I haven’t got any more room on my desk.

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