Friday Guest MIx – Lloyd Hoy

It’s always so hard to pick a guest mix for Friday – I both love the job and hate it.  for those that don’t get featured, I want you to know I love your mixes too and think they are awesome, but at this stage I can only chose one.  I do get around to listen to your mixes and I appreciate you being involved in the Traktortips community.  I want to thank you ALL for submitting your mixes, please keep tweeting your mixes with a mention of @Traktortips with your chance for a feature on the pages.

This week, was a hard choice, there was a bunch of mixes, and it was a close call between two, but I decided to go with Lloyd Hoy!  Well done Lloyd, great mix, with some varied track choices in there.  Good work!  Everyone have a listen, show some love and enjoy!

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