Friday Guest Mix – Rekutt

I want to take the time to thanks ALL people for submitting a mix for this weeks Friday Guest Mix, unfortunately, I can only pick one of you.  This doesn’t mean that you won’t get featured at a future time, just keep reminding me on twitter.

This week however, I have picked Rekutt.  This is due to the amazing the selection from years gone by.  For those new to the music scene, I recommend you listen closely as there are many tracks in his mix that shaped the dance music scene.  For non-new-comers, it is a great trip down memory lane.  So thank you Rekutt, for supplying this weeks mix…..

3 thoughts on “Friday Guest Mix – Rekutt

  1. Hey thanks for picking my mix fella!! and thanks for the kind words too, the big up always goes a long way 😉

    The mix is the first in the series so keep a look out for the other 3 mixes and enjoy!!


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