Calling all Female DJ’s

Whilst digging around on my Facebook Page Stats, it became apparent that a measly 4.3% of followers are female! This is crazy! I know the DJ industry is definitely a more male dominated arena but 4.3% is quite a shocking difference.

Why the Difference?

There could be a lot of factors contributing to this heavy imbalance, lets break it down.

Facebook – Is the imbalance due to Facebook? Maybe there are lots of female Traktor DJ’s hiding out there, they’re just not on Facebook? Well, that theory is soon shot down as statistics show that there are more females using Facebook than there are guys, so it can’t be that.

Musical differences – Do women have a different taste in music? I’m not sure this to be the reason either? Yes, it is often known that many girls like to go out to those cheesy mainstream night clubs and listen to top 40 hits – there is a DJ in the club, but it’s not something many aspire to become. Which brings me to the next point….

Ego – Is the world of DJ’ing too ego centred for women?  It is true, there is sometimes a self-centred ‘look-at-me syndrome’ that accompanies some DJ’s, but most of the DJ’s I know are super chill and down to Earth people. Besides, women love attention too, so it can’t be that!

Technology – As DJ’ing has moved into the realm of technology could it have narrowed down the filter of women entering this calling due to fear of computers? I dunno, I know some pretty clever geeky females, even more techie than I.  Besides there’s living proof that it is possible to get your tech on as Magda gets down with the Minus Crew.

So come on girls were are you?  No excuses……. Come and join the ranks of these talented female artists:

Maya Jane Coles
Maya Jane Coles
Magda DJ
Ida Engberg
Ida Engberg

25 thoughts on “Calling all Female DJ’s

  1. I also encourage and welcome all women who feel the call to DJ, to go for it. If you unfortunately encounter discrimination or less than fair treatment from male DJs or promoters, don’t get discouraged and seek out the more mature and enlightened promoters and male DJs to work with – they’re out there..

    The San Francisco Bay area is far from typical in a lot of wonderful ways and one of the ways that shows itself, is that we’re blessed with a fabulous array of awesomely talented and active female DJs.

  2. I am a female DJ who has been playing at least 8 years now around Chicago. Unfortunately, even as talented as some of us may be, the ratio of males to females in the industry continues to prevent us from receiving our dues, even
    If we’ve already paid for them.

  3. I’ve been teaching myself to DJ over the past 2 yrs. Started out with a Vestax Spin/DJAY software. Loved it! Went out and bought Pioneer CDJ’s, Mixer, speakers, sub woofer. Now using Traktor.
    I’m female, 52 yrs old and love tech house, deep house, house. Having so much fun! Just found your site. I’ll be back to visit. “yomoma”

  4. We have a good number of female Dj’s here in Los Angeles but promoters rarely book us unless it’s an all female Dj gig which is stupid… Most girls hate on each other regardless if they are a Dj or not in our EDM scene. Plus promoters tell us only guys show up to see you that’s why we don’t book… Even tho it’s already a 75% male audience anyway!

    1. Very interesting! I feel if the DJ is in the Underground Scene, people will show up regardless of sex, as they are there for the music. I think in the top 40 realm however, I could see that it is a ‘novelty’ and I can imagine the female Dj’s dont like being a ‘novelty’. Hence the wicked DJ’s in the Underground scene!

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