Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus?

We all know something new is coming from Pioneer, DJ Tech Tools is touting a leaked photograph of the new Pioneer CDJ 2000-NXS. Could this be what pioneer will be delivering to us tomorrow?

A DJ leaks Blog, has some specs uploaded and did have since May this year. It’s a strong chance that we will all be treated to a new CDJ in the next 24 hours, so will these be the specs below?

New specifications of the CDJ-2000 NEXUS / NXS and CDJ-900 NEXUS / NXS will probably be:
– Wireless PRO DJ LINK modus which allows linking up to 4 CDJ’s
– BEATSYNC function via PRO DJ LINK (wireless)
– FLAC support
– New features for the Needle Search

New specifications of the DJM-2000 NEXUS / NXS will probably be:
– Traktor Scratch Certified 24bit/96kHz (eventually 192 kHz) built-in interface
– Quantized FX
– New Pioneer RMX-1000 Build-up and Break-down FX



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