Don’t forget the Traktor Kontrol X1 – (Overview)

In recent weeks with the introduction of the new Kontrol F1 and the New Maschine it is becoming increasingly difficult for everyone to navigate the controller arena.

I have received questions from many people as to which controller is right for them and following my previous article on the differences between the X1 and F1 I have decided to produce a quick video showing exactly what the Kontrol X1 does and why I find it the most valuable tool in the Native Instruments Collection of Hardware controllers.

With the introduction of the Traktor Remix Decks, there isnt one controller that does  it all… yet! But if you wanted a controller that at least controls the mixer functions too, then the S2 or S4 would be the choice for you.

Watch the video to see what the X1 can do:

For more details on the X1 you can check out the specs.


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