Traktor Reveals a New Mixer

I stayed up late to await the release of the preview, but no release had been made before I had to peel off to bed.  This morning upon waking I watched the new teaser video of the Native Instruments 2+2 channel mixer.

new traktor Mixer from Native Instruments

The only thing this video unveils is some terrible music! For this reason I refuse to put the video up on these pages.  Come on NI, you are based in Berlin, the home of decent music, surely you can pull something together better than this? Anyway – feel free to head on over to Native Instruments website for a look at this video (stand by on the mute button).

As for the kit itself – from what you see of it, it looks OK – It appears that NI are aiming this one at those that use time code control, but I’m sure it will compliment and X1 & F1 just the same.  I’m gonna guess it has a built in audio card, along with effects buttons, track browser encoders and the standard mixer controls such as bass, mid and treble – It also seems to have the Loop recorder controls thrown in too, will be nice to se it up close and personal, but for some reasons the Pioneer mixers just seem to edge this one out of my wants list, for now!

shot of new traktor mixer from NI

As I slagged the music in this video, I thought it only fair to pay the star of the video, Eric Goldstein, a little respect here.  Although one of the tracks in the video is his, he is also responsible for the track below, so respect to him for this.

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