Wink Sound – Video Tutorials

WinkSound is a The Music Production and Audio Technology Video Channel.  They have various social outposts on the internet including Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and their Tumbler Blog.

Wink Sound Logo

WinkSound’s programming is geared towards anyone who has an interest in self expression through audio production. Their goal is to enable the next generation of Audio Creatives to develop as professionals by creating educational and entertaining programming which shares the fundamental knowledge and tools necessary to be consistent and innovative within the Music Production and Audio Technology industry.

As curators and producers of music production ‘How-To’ videos, they are a good place to check out for a few productions hints and tips.  They have a nice little App for many different devices. Below I have included a couple of screenshots from my iPhone, with a nice feature of a Traktor Tips Video – Thanks Guys!

Wink Sound App iOS
Wink Sound App Home Page
Screen Shot from WinkSound App
TraktorTips on Wink Sound

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