Decibel Festival 2012

The Countdown is on to this years Decibel Festival 2012.

Decibel Festival

With around 15 venues across Seattle, WA; clubs, halls and boats will showcase over 170 artists and performers for the international festival of electronic music performance, arts and new media.  Decibel is expecting more than 23,000 visitors the majority of which will be from the US and Canada. Not only will these lucky people be treated to a performance from Orbital, the pioneers of the UK Rave scene back in the 1980’s, they will also get the chance to see the likes of Bonobo, Matthew Dear, Carl Craig, Oxia, Matt Tolfrey, Sphongle, DJ Shadow and loads more.

If you have a little bit of spare time and cash, it will definitely be worth heading over to Seattle, so mark your calendars for September 26th – 30th 2012 and go experience some amazing Electronic music.

Check out the Orbital Below:-

8 thoughts on “Decibel Festival 2012

  1. Reblogged this on The Music Business Revisionist and commented:
    No denying that music festivals are all the rage, and the new place for up-and-coming musicians to make their careers. Decibel Festival looks like a pretty interesting one, but it’s geared more towards DJ and EDM culture. Still, it looks like a good time for participants.

    1. I think the use of the phrase EDM is being used too broadly. My take on the EDM scene, is a cheesy categorization and I feel more applies to a more mainstream sound. I feel it is unfair to label decibel festival as an EDM festival as this takes away it’s ‘specialness’. The phrase EDM needs to stay in the realms of pop music / Electronic chart crossover and not to be used to trivialize the Underground Dance music scene……

      1. It is strange how things change as time goes on. Obviously the term EDM never existed, but now it has been born from the increase popularity of Electronic dance music. Obviously it seems to upset me that such a sweeping categorisation has been placed over dance music and this is probably why I feel it is taking away some of its soul. Similarly to the way ‘LOL’ has stolen all the truth and meaning behind truly laughing out loud, so too will the phrase EDM.

      2. I totally understand that, and definitely don’t mean to put any type of music in any type of box. Hell, the truth is, sweeping categorizations have been prevalent in all kinds of musical genres. Case in point, saying that all Hip Hop is “Rap Music” is a categorization. Rap is only one element of Hip Hop. And it can be argued that it takes away from the soul of Hip Hop.

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