Customize your Controller – Skinz

Native Instruments have a fantastic range of Midi Controllers, but up until the recent release of the Machine, there hasn’t been multi colour options.  If you fancy standing out from the crowd however there are some great Skinz available from 12 Inch Skinz.

S4 in White

They have a varied selection of colours for the whole line of controllers, S2, S4, X1, F1, Maschine Mikro and Maschine. The tech specs are:-

  • Air Xscape pressure permanet adhesive layer & 5mm thick, anti-reflective, micro textured surface laminate.
  • Installs over surface
  • Once applied, skin may removed once with no leftover sticky residue
  • Skin provides maximum protection and keeps mixer looking new.

Prices range from $29 – $89 depending on your device and style.

My personal favourite is the silver skin for the X1.  But to really stand out you are able to customize your own skin.  It is possible to download a template for use in illustrator or photoshop, there are a bunch of instructions to follow after which you can send off your order and within no time you’ll have a sweet looking controller that stands out from the crowd.

Go check out 12 Inch Skinz for some more details.

X1 Silver skin


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