Flux Mode (Pt. 1) Traktor 2.6 Tutorial

The new Traktor 2.6 introduces the flux mode – This has been a little confusing for people as there is no obvious changes to the Graphical User Interface (GUI).  Here I show you briefly what Flux mode is and how you can turn it on and off without the new Z2.

This software is designed to seamlessly work with the new Z2 Controller due out this month (November 2012) but there are some work arounds for those not going to throw down the cash for the new mixer.


7 thoughts on “Flux Mode (Pt. 1) Traktor 2.6 Tutorial

  1. please go indepth how to utilize flux mode with only a keyboard and a mouse.. as this is all i have as of now…ive had 2.6 for a while now and mix very very well with 4 decks running.. just need to grasp some of the finer points with flux mode.. please help… bvandy32@gmail.com

  2. There surely is a way to indicate flux mode, and it works perfect for me using an Akai LPD-8 as you have two rows of 4 touch-sensitive buttons, all LED powered. Just map flux mode to the first button on the left, then the next two buttons in the upper row for loop length decrease and increase, and of course loop on for Deck A in the upper row. (Deck B in the second row). It’s an incredible effect, adding lots of power to any track. You can even map the loop length to a rotary aside, as you like. So when the first button is lighted, you know you’re in flux mode, otherwise you have normal loop function. Have fun!

  3. I love the new flux mode, been crying out for it ever since I seen slip mode on the newer line of cdjs…. Also the new macro fx are mint. Especially bass-o-matic and laserslicer!

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