The Kontrol F1 and Traktor Remix Paks

Native Instruments Remix setsFollowing my recent purchase of the Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol F1, I produced a video showing the unboxing and the connecting of it for the first time. I wanted to try and give readers of Traktor Tips the feel for what it is like to get your hands on one of these along with any observations I had when first connecting the device.

During the procedure I noticed that it is a little tough to just get started and go for it. I figured out the best way to learn is to go head first into it, but its not that obvious how to go head first with the F1.

Where to Start

  • Once you have all the relevant drivers and software installed and the F1 is connected the first thing to do is to select which deck you want it to control. You can use the shift button with the single encoder to do this, but you must first have at least one of the decks set to a remix deck (This is highlighted in the video).
  • Now you need some sounds to manipulate. You can do this by sampling sounds from other decks or the loop recorder, but there is an easier way to get going.
  • Head over to Native Instruments and log in to the {Traktor Paks section}. Here you will find a bunch of sample packs ready to go.
  • I had an issue downloading by simply pressing the download button, if you have the same issue, then simple right click the download button and save target as or download linked file (whichever your system says)
  • Now go into the Traktor and right click on the Track Collection, navigate to “Import Traktor Pak” and locate the pack you just downloaded. (I used the Subb-an pak) This will now be in a folder inside your track collection entitled ‘All Remix Sets”, drag it to your remix deck and you’re away!

Import Traktor Pak
The Remix decks have a plethora of different settings you can change. You can customize the colours, loop, sync, pitch launch state and so on. If you alter any of the settings, saving the remix set will also save these settings, so maybe stay away from saving the set in your first few sessions. Use the set as it was intended for a while first, just to get to grips with it.

See the above procedure in the video below starting at 6 minutes 30 seconds:

F1 Owners

For those that already own an F1, how have you been enjoying it? What challenges have you been having and how does it fit into your DJ Sets?

Traktor Tips is now providing you all with a {forum} should you have any technical questions, maybe you can help one another?

Happy DJ’ing……..


6 thoughts on “The Kontrol F1 and Traktor Remix Paks

  1. Really want one the F1, I’m not even 100% sure how I’d incorporate what it does into a set. I guess it just needs a bit more time prepping your own remix sets with elements of what you’ll be playing.

    1. Yes definitely. I see it as the stepping stone between DJ’ing and production. Similar to ableton live, but more closely related to DJ’ing than production! As “Ready.Destroy” says it will just be a matter of time before the DJ crowd gets turned on to F1. Glad I’m an ‘earlyish’ adopter!!

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