Flux Mode (Pt.2) Traktor 2.6 Tutorial – Setting up LED Feedback

Following up from the basic Flux mode introduction video – I have created a video explaining how to take the use of this a little further, with the use of L.E.D feedback.
If you’re looking for a tutorial on how to set up flux on the S4 I recommend you check this out.

What is Flux Mode?

Flux mode is the name that Native instruments have given to a function also known as ‘slip mode’ to many.  It is a feature that allows you to perform an operation such as applying a loop or adding an effect to a particular deck within Traktor without affecting the position of the playhead. As you will see in the previous video, there is a small green vertical line that appears when you perform a flux mode related action.  This vertical line then continues at the current speed of the track, indicating where playback will resume once you have completed your DJ trickery.


 Setting up Flux Feedback

For this operation to work, you will need a midi controller with L.E.D’s and Traktor 2.6. You may also be able to use any sort of midi controlled light that accepts incoming messages.  In this example I will be using the Kontrol X1, but any alternative will be fine. Due to the assignment choices I have made in this exercise you may find this is not a permanent set up choice unless you should you only wish to use group effects in one effects unit in your DJ performances.  I simply want to offer you a quick way to get some Flux time.

Assign an LED
  • You will first need to figure out a specific button on the controller that is free for your use.
  • I have activated group effects on effects unit 2 as it does not utilize the uppermost button, enabling me to set this as my feedback light.
  • Once you have identified a suitable LED, then you may head on into Preferences > Controller editor > (select controller of choice) 
  • Once inside the editor window you can select Add Out…‘ > Deck Common > Flux Mode On 
  • Highlight the ‘Learn‘ button so it turns yellow and then press your chosen LED button. (You can set it to work as deck focus, or if you wish to assign multiple lights; you will select it to operate each deck individually and repeat this exercise for each deck*)
  • Check it works by turning on the Flux Mode in the Deck drop down located in the top right hand corner of each deck (where it says deck A, B, C, or D)


Assign a Hot Key

I have chosen not to use the same button as the LED for the operation of turning Flux on and off. This will avoid potential doubling up of functions and will be easier to explain.  Instead, for this operation I have chosen a keyboard shortcut. You can select anything you like, but you must check that the keys don’t operate another function that could mess up your performance.**

  • Head into Preferences > Controller Manager > Select keyboard mapping (possibly called default keyboard)
  • Choose Add In…‘ > Deck Common > Flux Mode On
  • As above, hit ‘Learn’ then choose whatever key, or combination of keys, you would like to assign to that function
  • Make sure you set the interaction mode to ‘toggle’ in
  • You may use the same key for each deck, making sure you set it to operate based on the deck focus. Or set up different keys based for each deck, making sure to select the deck it corresponds to in the Assignment drop down. Remember to check each assignment you make for doubling up conflicts.

The video below will show you how you can assign an L.E.D. to the flux control so that you have some visual feedback:

*If you are using the X1 and happy using only group effects on both effects unit, you could set this up on both deck A and deck B individually, that way you will have separate feedback lights per deck

**To check for doubling of functions, once you have hit ‘Learn’ and assigned your chosen key, immediately scroll up through the hotkey settings to check if another function is highlighted in yellow, if it is, then this key is already assigned.  You can then either chose to assign a different key, or if the original assignment is a function you no longer use, feel free to delete it. (Make sure you have saved any setting files before – see how)


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