DJ Animine | Friday Guest Mix

DJ AnimineDJ Animine is based in the city of Antwerp, known for its legendary club Café d’Anvers. Over the years of going clubbing, his open mind to any kind of music has been a major influence in his development of musical preference, resulting in a variety of styles he can play with the same passion and isn’t afraid to experiment with a mix of genres.

He got his breakthrough in 2011, playing a techhouse gig at Tribeca bar in Manchester (UK), later in the year followed by headlining with a techno set at club Quad in Atlanta (USA). Starting in January 2012 he played for Static Radio UK till August 2012.

In this weeks downloadable Friday Guest Mix, Dj Animine throws down some smooth and melodic techno with some hypnotic rhythms, peppered with some soulful vocals and tribal flavours.
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The mix below is downloadable so you can take it with you on your travels.

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