Traktor Tips New Look Website – a big thank you to all readers

Traktor Tips started out just over two years ago as a simple blog to tell people what I have been doing in DJ world, a way of channelling my hobbies in a different way to just playing records.  I love the industry and wanted to immerse myself in it some more, it was suggested to me that I start a blog, I grabbed a name out of thin air and started to write and post videos As time has progressed the user base has grown and despite a lack of regular posts, traktortips continued to grow in the background, without too much involvement from me. With a little encouragement from friends and influencers, along with all of all you lot out there (the readers and subscribers) I have decided to grow Traktor Tips and give you all a nice new site.

traktortips website screenshot copy

What’s New on Traktor Tips?

Upon starting I had no direction or intention of it becoming anything bigger than a personal blog, but this has organically morphed into something much larger.  I am asked questions everyday about Traktor, be it through social media site, or directly on, there are always questions coming.  As more and more followers become involved I am finding it hard to keep up with all your amazing questions.  I often turn your questions into blog posts, but sometimes I simply answer them as best I can.  To deal with more questions in a timely manner and to share the load a little, I have installed a forum on the new site.

  • Forum – I am really excited about the forum and have been wanting this for sometime now. Users are beginning to sign up and I am sure it will grow very quickly as a place to gain information on all things Traktor.  As the saying goes, “It takes two to Tango”, in other words we both need to be involved in this to make it work.  Due to time constraints, I may not be able to get to everyones questions or concerns, but this is where all you knowledgeable and lovely people come in.  This is your forum, for you to gain and share knowledge.  It is a place for you to hang out and air your grievances, make suggestions and just chat with like minded individuals.  We all have one common interest and when groups of people get together like this, amazing things can happen. The forum is in it’s infancy and you will notice many changes as I find the time to work on it, like introducing the ability to upload pictures (it’s coming).  So, head on over to the forum and get involved with your Traktor community, have fun, play nice and meet cool new folks.
  • Design – The most obvious change is how the site looks.  It is a more graphical interface with lots of nice rich images, I think it looks pretty neat.  There are certain things that need tweaking and these will happen over time, I ask for your understanding with this.  There is an option to switch to mobile view when displaying the site on mobile devices, I have had some feedback that it hasn’t been working for some, if this is the case, please post in the forum titled “Traktor Tips Website“.
  • More Tutorials – I have been releasing a video a week for the last month or so, you will continue to see the free videos appear on the pages here. I also plan on introducing some video packages soon, so watch this space.
  • Friday Guest Mix – I love this feature and many have told me how it really drives traffic to your mixes. I am keeping this feature, after all, it’s the entire reason we’re all here, we want to produce cool mixes for people and to share our musical tastes and knowledge. So keep tweeting in your mixes for a chance to get featured. Head over to the Friday Guest Mix section to listen to great DJ sets and find out how you can submit your sets.
  • Instagram – I know you all love taking pictures of your Traktor Setups, so I have offered you all a chance to get featured here on Traktor Tips – All you have to do is use the hashtag #traktortips when posting a shot on instagram and your shot will appear in the Traktor Tips Instagram Gallery. Happy snapping!
  • Newsletter – The first newsletter was sent out in October 2012, with one going out at the start of each month thereafter. Currently it is simply a way to be kept informed of news articles and new tutorials along with the Friday Guest Mix updates. As time progresses it will contain special videos and offers only available to subscribers. Subscribe here.
  • RSS Feed – You will notice a small orange RSS icon in the top right of the website, this is where you can subscribe to all posts and never miss another thing from Traktor Tips.

Traktor Tips needs Help

I do not now the direction TraktorTips will take, but it is here for you guys and girls.  You lot mould it and will create a welcoming place for Traktor users. I am the founder and editor of and am the only person working on all aspects of the site, the posts, the newsletter, the forum, social media; everything! It’s a lot for one person, but I do it for love of DJ’ing, music and teaching others. There is currently no funding, sponsors or handouts being received by and as such I have been very grateful for other committed individuals to help out now and again by volunteering fantastic articles. I am always open to receiving new articles from readers and am also open to conduct interviews of any DJ’s out there that are doing great things with Traktor. So please get in touch if you would like to help out in this way.

Thank You

You’re continued support on these pages and in social media will grow into an amazing place to learn and meet people – without you there would be nothing – so thanks again – I hope you like the Traktor Tips new look website.

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