Will you be updating your tech this Black Friday?

Black Friday is almost upon us again. It is that time of year when people turn into shopping maniacs and decide to part with their hard earned cash for amazing deals on things we don’t need, but simply want.
Originating off the back of the American ‘Thanksgiving’ it seems to have turned into a shopping frenzy, which last year turned up some insane YouTube videos, showing rather violent scenes of people having lost the plot in Walmart, fighting over the last towel! I ca not imagine any readers of Traktor Tips being quite this insane, but please try and remain normal when shopping!!

It appears over time however that Black Friday is much further reaching and has pulled in more of a global shopping extravaganza. Many companies want to get on the Black Friday bandwagon as it is an excellent opportunity for them to spike their sales on what is now coined as the busiest shopping day of the year.
The term Black Friday relates to companies being able to turn their finances from the minus values, which we often refer to as ‘in the red’, back to a profit; into the black. Wikipedia mentions that the meaning first came due to the huge influx of traffic on the roads following Thanksgiving in the US.

What tech deals are you looking for?

So, will Native Instruments be ‘buying in’ to the Black Friday Craziness, or will let be left to all the various suppliers around the world. I am sure your local DJ tech store will have some good deals coming up this Friday, so keep an eye on your favorite store for that ‘essential’ piece of kit you’ve been eying up for the last little while.

Let us know what amazing deals you got and don’t forget that you can upload your instagram pics with a hash tag (#traktortips) to appear in our gallery!

4 thoughts on “Will you be updating your tech this Black Friday?

  1. also ended up trading an unused amp for store credit at a local guitar center and only had to pay the balance of $30 for a kontrol x1. So far 1 f1 + 1 x1 for a little over $230
    Whoot !
    DJ half heard

  2. Ordered a new NI F1 for almost $50 off the list!

    Remix decks, activate!


    dj HalfHeard

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