Traktor gets banned by a Spanish Dance Event


Thanks to a notification from DJTechtools, we have been informed of an unprecedented move by WIP promotions to BAN traktor from future events! This is the first time a large promotions company has been heard of taking this bold stance and as such, they may have even back pedaled on their decision already!

Traktor tips did not get chance to see the original post from WIP prior to its deletion but in a quote from DJTechTools WIP were seen to say,

“The real issue is with “artists” who swear they can play any format be it CD, vinyl, usb and or Traktor but whose Traktor sets are nothing but stale, bland and outright insulting to a paying crowd and promoter.


Banning Traktor DJ’s will definitely have some support from many DJ’s but this move is nothing short of discrimination and a ban such as this would see numerous DJ’s such as Steve Lawler, Richie Hawtin, Dubfire and other big names being banned from this event.

This rather unusual announcement is sure to drive a rift between differing styles of DJ’s.
Maybe due the removal of this announcement, which occurred on WIP’s Facebook page, we may see a re-publication with a different strategy that may not cause such upheaval amongst a very large Traktor community.
What do you think about this stunt from WIP?


9 thoughts on “Traktor gets banned by a Spanish Dance Event

  1. Hey Guys
    Same here Alan (spookily) I started out on Soundlab belt driven turntables, progressed through to Technics, then CDJ’s and now Traktor. I do agree that beat matching has got way easier – I remember the constant battle I had with my DLP1’s (with wobbly belt pulley) which taught me to chase a beat and keep it in when all hell was let loose.

    That said tho I must also say that beat matching is a very small part of the package in my opinion. I believe track selection, mix technique, attitude, friendliness, being connected with the crowd and understanding where they are and where they want to be taken are FAR FAR more important.

    These are things that button pushing can’t do for you….again just my opinion.

    Love Traktor and think this is an outrage really – can’t believe they would ban just it and not other software – no difference. Are they also banning the CDJ2000’s because of their sync button???

    Great mag BTW Alan 🙂

  2. Real skills are still required to play a good set. DJing is not just about bpm and beat matching, that is just the very first step. Traktor only makes that one thing easier, yet doesn’t always get it right. Any button pusher that can’t manually match a song is bound to make costly live performance mistakes sooner or later.

  3. Musical talent, a good ear, and creativity are all necessary in creating a mix set and I am a former musician.

    No turntable, CDJ, Time code media, software, or controller will make you a good DJ or performer and allow you to create a good mix set if you don’t have any of the above skills regardless of your choice of performance tools.

    So why are they not banning Serato and Virtual DJ too? Traktor can run in Vinyl mode as needed.

    This is (mildly put) absurd! I am a dedicated Traktor performer and glad to have made that choice. I tested Serato and Virtual Dj and found Traktor to be a very versatile and stable performance tool.

  4. If this was to happen the only true way to do it is to only allow vinyl played as cdjs are no different to using traktor as all you have to do is set the two decks to the same bpm , i have a traktor s4 and technics 1210 so this is an unbiased opinion , cdjs killed the true art of djing and most of the haters of digital performance are djs who use cdjs and couldnt mix for shit on turntables , all forms are good i think as long as the set is rocking

    1. Yes Maxis, as a DJ that started on Soundlab belt driven turntable, progressing through to technics, then CDJ’s then Traktor, I can confirm that the skill of DJ’ing has become easier, but the art of producing an entertaining set is still a key part to DJ’ing. I think this art has somewhat been lost due to the bypassing of musical talent previously required to create a great DJ set.

    1. Yes, I recommend that all DJ’s learn the pure art form, but just banning a particular tool is not useful. I feel that researching the DJ’s they book would be a better plan of action for a promotions company.

  5. I’m sure Steve Lawler and co can all play a decent set without Traktor. I use Traktor at home and think its great, but it’s not something that should be used for performance in my opinion.

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