Moving Tracks within Traktor Playlists – Quick Tip

I have been receiving a bunch of questions from people about their playlists. Many of you are having difficulty moving tracks within Traktor playlists, in other words, people have been unable to re- order tracks once you have created a playlist. You want to drag the tracks into a specific order, but Traktor just won’t let you!

Traktor Playlist Problem

The Track Browser contains a lot of different columns, the first column being the ‘icon’ column. If you click the top of this this column, the tracks are then organized depending on what icons are showing:-

  • Lock – Tracks will be organized based on their locked state. Which means those that have their beats grids locked, will appear at the top.
  • Check mark or tick – Tracks will be organized based on their played state. Which means if a track has already been played in the most recent session it will appear at the top of the list.
  • Exclamation Mark – Tracks will be organized based on their missing status. Which means if a track can not be located by Traktor, then it will be marked with this exclamation icon and once sorted by this means, will be placed at the top of the playlist.

As you click the top of this first column, you will toggle between these three icons. Whilst the tracks are organized in one of these ways, you are unable to drag your tracks around to manually sort them into your preferred play order.

The Fix

Simply click the top of the second column, the number column. This column, the one titled with a hash simple (#), will remove the icon in the top of the first column and therefore free you up to drag and drop your tracks around into your preferred playlist order.

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12 thoughts on “Moving Tracks within Traktor Playlists – Quick Tip

  1. Oh my god! This worked for me! πŸ™‚ Now I can go back to being organized the way I should be. haha

  2. I still can’t drag; when I click on # the order changes but I can’t drag and drop songs to a different place.

  3. hi a quick question – I cant figure out how to select multiple tracks in Traktor 2, I’m organising my playlists and doing it one by one will take forever.. any help would be great, its really annoying!

    1. If on a Mac hold down command whilst selecting tracks – if on a PC i think it’s ‘control’

    2. You can also select a bunch at once using the shift button. (Click the track at the top, hold Shift, then select the track at the bottom – this will highlight/select everything in between)

  4. Hi I have just imported a bunch of tracks that I have put in a playlist but I cant move those tracks around, I can move my other songs in my playlist but not the new ones, help please?!

    1. You should be able to – maybe close down traktor and re-open – then repeat the procedure in the video.

  5. Hi – I manage all my tracks through iTunes. This tip seems not to work in iTunes playlists in Traktor. Is there a work around that anyone is aware of? Many thanks Stuart

  6. You can set up a Hot key control for it…. go to Pref > Controller Manager > select the keyboard, then ‘add in…’ scroll down to Browser > List > Delete…… then set up a key to perform that function……. for more details on setting up these keys search the site for Midi…… Good luck….

  7. is there also an easier way to REMOVE tracks from a playlist using a keyboard shortcut? The right-click and selection of ‘delete track from playlist’ is very cumbersome in a preparation workflow.

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