Loop Save Settings – Traktor Remix Decks

As Dj’s all over the world slowly begin their exploration of the Traktor remix decks, the popularity of remix packs and loops is gaining some momentum. As we start to delve a little deeper, certain aspects of the remix decks are revealing themselves, this has lead some Traktor Tips readers to a few questions about Loops.

Why will my Loops not AutoSave?

Traktor has a built in sampler and as a result users are able to record loops ranging from a small 1/32th of a beat to a 32 bar loop.  This loop can then be placed in a remix deck and used as a part of a remix set.  As default Traktor is set to automatically save all loops into the track collection and saves them on your hard drive as a .wav file.

One reader asked:

Why are only some of my loops saving?

As it turns out in order for the loop to autosave, the loop must be played at least 3 times and with the volume up for it to be recognized and saved into your samples folder.

But I don’t want my Loops to AutoSave…

No problem. I have produced the video below to show you how you can simply turn off your autosaving of loops.

Change the default settings

As these loops are saved as .wav files, they can take up quite a bit of space on your hard drive and as you play around with your remix decks, you may not be creating great loops that you wish to use later.  Also, sometimes it can be annoying to see all these loops appear in your track collection. It’s like having your records out of place. So if you would like to tidy up your collection of all these random loops, the fix is simple:

  • Head into Prefs
  • Head to File Management
  • Uncheck ‘Save created Loops and Samples automatically’

Done! Now you’re track collection won’t be littered with useless loops and your hard drive won’t begin to fill up with audio samples that you may never need to use.

Remember – You may at somepoint want to create loops and samples to use in future sets, it takes no genius to figure out that you must remember to turn this setting back on if you want to save these loops.

Saving the loops when not in Auto Save Mode

You are able to drag the samples from the remix deck into the track collection below the decks.  This only works if the remix deck is in full mode and you drag to the actual list of tracks. You can not drag it into the folder tree. Also if you are building a remix set, you could build the set and then save the whole remix set. To do this:

  • Click on the title of the Remix Set Deck and give your set a name
  • Click on the letter of the deck (e.g.. the big ‘D’ in the corner of deck D)
  • Select ‘Save Remix Set’
  • The loops will all save under the remix set title
So now you are armed with a few options of how you can manage your loops. How have you all been using your remix decks? Which way works best for you? Let us all know here in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Loop Save Settings – Traktor Remix Decks

  1. Hi

    My problem is that I actually name the remix set, save it than I see it saved in the “all remix sets“ folder. I can use it drag the remix set on another deck that still works but as soon as I quit the traktor software, the next time I’ll open it won’t appear at all.
    It’s not even showing up anywhere on my System HD…

    Could somebody help me?

    1. Hi Jay,
      Have you set your remix deck folder up? It maybe something to do with the location of your remix decks paks on the hard drive?

  2. by the way no 4.) may just be because i only had the X1 before and the only option i had was to use it as a controller for C&D remix decks by changing the controller preferences… I’m going to get home and see if having the F1 changes that tonight

  3. bunch of questions – cheers for any answers (not all related to remix decks but..)

    I have a Macbook Pro and an X1 and F1

    1. why do loops in the remix deck fall out of sync with each other?

    2. is there an easy way of jogging loops (in a remix deck) back into phase?

    3. how do i make a remix set from tracks in the browser? – i’ve tried control-clicking – dragging them into remix decks – no joy

    4. can’t i just make A&B remix decks so i don’t have to use up the whole screen displaying four decks?

    5. when i’m in the browser with a track selected and minimize the view (space bar) why does it not keep the track highlighted in view?

    6. can’t i set a default view for the browser? – every time i open the browser i want the latest tunes on top but it always opens with the list flipped..

    7. finally, i’ve made perfect loops in Logic but when i bring them into Traktor they pause at the very beginning – very annoying

    1. Hi Simon –

      1 – You need to make sure that the decks are set to sync, but also that each loop cell has its own specific sync function set to on.
      2 – No
      3 – Hit the browse button on the F1, twist the nob and select the cell you want to load it to.
      4 – Yes – in the top right corner of each deck – click the drop down and make it a remix deck.
      5 – Speak to NI about it.
      6 – I want the same – and it’s something I have emailed traktor about – I just have to sort by latest track each time.
      7 – Hmmm – maybe they are too big? perhaps try and shrink the quality.

      Hope these help – my apologies for the delay….. 😉

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