Flux Mode Update in the Pipeline?

Flux mode screen shot
There was much kerfuffle a few months ago about Flux Mode, the introduction of which caused quite a stir.  There was excitement and confusion. The response was quite mixed and didnt see complete acceptance. So how are Native Instruments going to put this right and please some people….and is there an update in the pipeline

What is Flux

For those that missed it, or indeed, just forgot about it, let me explain:-

Flux mode, is the same as Slip mode, it allows you to hold down a loop function, or scratch a deck without affecting the playheads movement, so that when you release the loop or scratch, the track resumes playing from the point it would have been, if you had just left it playing. Great, I hear you say, so what was the problem? The problem was that this function only worked on internal mode, in other words, if you were using midi control method to perform your scratches, so if you using time coded vinyl or CD’s the flux was useless.

Flux Update?

In a recent message from Native Instruments Traktor Tips was informed that the people that make things happen have put in a feature request to the tech magicians for them to work on this possibility. So, although nothing has been promised here, the words from NI were:-

We have logged a feature request for this, hopefully it will make
it in the next update

Let’s see how long it is before this update makes it into Traktor?

Is Traktor Missing any other features?

If my ‘spidey‘ senses are functioning correctly, it’s most likely getting close to another Traktor update. Are there any other updates you feel are important to have in Traktor? What’s the one thing that you feel is missing? Have you even been using Flux Mode, or is it more for the Scratch trickery style of DJ’s? It’s your turn, let us know your thoughts in the comments.


7 thoughts on “Flux Mode Update in the Pipeline?

  1. If u own traktor, just try n beat grid Dirtyphonics-Apex by Forigen beggers.(remix), or the org’ for that matter. I belive it wud be possible to have a layered grid system. Grid a,b,c and so on. So above track (apex) would have top grid at 140 bpm. And your next grid down( or your b grid) wud be set to 174 bpm. So when the tempo change happens, you un-sync go to grid b and mix in next tune locked in grid. Yes i can mix by ear, have a couple of work arounds all involvig mouse or key board. Anybody got any other ideas on this.

  2. I use flux mode with looping to create builds, shorting the loop to a crescendo. or just using 1 beat loops to add a bit of energy. I’ve only just got into it but am getting there, I use the s4 so internal ain’t am issue

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