Traktor Remix Decks – Basics

Using the Traktor Remix Decks is a whole new experience and opens up a different perspective on DJ’ing. Having the ability to load loops and samples into 64 different cells, and playing 4 of them at any one time is a great way to create your own unique DJ sets. In this tutorial, I will simply introduce the remix decks and give you a short taster of how you can change the preferences of each cell in a remix deck.
photo-5-905x500If you have loaded up a pre-purchased or free remix set, then many of the cells will have been pre-programmed to the setting that they work best with. However, if you are starting from scratch by recording your own samples, then you will have the choice of setting these cells up as you prefer. You do not need the F1 to use these features and this tutorial will not cover the use of the F1.

Getting to know the Remix Decks

Before you can change any of the preferences in the remix cells, you need to open the advanced panel. You do this by clicking the drop down in the right bottom corner of the deck. This will uncover a set of buttons in the bottom right corner of the remix deck. If you cannot see the small drop-down arrow, then click the very top edge of the remix deck until you do.

Remix deck functions


  • Looping or One Hit – This function is denoted by a curve arrow or straight one.screen-shot-2013-02-06-at-4-20-35-pm
  • Reverse – you can play this out backwards by hitting the arrow that points to the left.screen-shot-2013-02-06-at-4-20-15-pm
  • Sync – you can individually set each cell to be synced or not. For instance, if you were presenting a radio show, you may have a jingle that you do not wish to sync with the music.screen-shot-2013-02-06-at-4-20-24-pm
  • Trigger Type – one thing video does not show is the trigger type. You can set the cell to trigger and play automatically after pressing the launch button once. However, you can also set the cell to only play if you are holding the launch button. (By launch button I mean the cell, or the F1 button, whatever your chosen control method)screen-shot-2013-02-06-at-4-20-08-pm


Keeping it Simple

This video is only intended to briefly show you these functions.

Feedback and questions welcome in the comments….. Thank you.


5 thoughts on “Traktor Remix Decks – Basics

  1. I stil not compatible with remix deck without F1. I hope that I can view some video or tutor in playing remix deck only with S4.

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