Traktor DJ Mix – Neil Muir

Neil MuirThis week our Traktor DJ Mix is brought to you by Young 19 year old DJ from Glasgow, Scotland, Neil Muir. Using a reloop digital jockey 2 with two akai drum pads mapped for four deck control he supplies us with some tough Techno beats.

Neil Says:

Daft Punk got me into electronic music so it was always going to happen I was going to get into techno because of Homework. all great things are simple, but not all simple things are great, a motto I try to incorporate into mixes adding slight subtleties trying to put a smile onto someone’s face.

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Happy DJ’ing.

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4 thoughts on “Traktor DJ Mix – Neil Muir

  1. How cool it would be if you could Embed those Mixes on the page so you could know which mix of Neil you’re referring to.

    Oh wait… that’s possible, you’re just not using it!

    1. NiD – thanks for the heads up – we’ve been experiencing some technical glitches recently – as you can tell from all the Friday Guest Mixes, embedding the mix is our usual protocol….. This issue is now fixed…..Thanks

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