Traktor S4 Price Drop

Flagship DJ controller system now available at just $ 899 / 799 €

NI_Traktor_Kontrol_S4_Price_Drop_2013_DOLLAR Berlin, February 5, 2012 – Native Instruments recently announced a price drop on their critically acclaimed TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 DJ system, reducing the price permanently to just $ 899 / 799 EUR.

The offer is available at participating retailers and at the NI Online Shop, while supplies last.
TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 is a full-featured controller that combines a four-channel mixer section with ergonomic, high-quality control elements and an integrated audio interface – all built to professional specifications.

The included TRAKTOR PRO 2 software offers powerful performance functions such as Remix Deck(TM) technology, a loop recorder, and newly designed Macro FX. Based on ten years of digital DJing expertise, the highly successful TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 gives DJs of all genres unparalleled creative possibilities with supreme workflow and ease of use.


TRAKTOR S4 is available at retailers worldwide and at the NI Online Shop, while supplies last.

What will take it’s place?

It appears that NI are set to clear out the supply of S4’s, as I guess they are making room in their factory for something different. I can only imagine a 4 channel mixer perhaps something such as a Kontrol Z4? What about 4 remix decks? There’s no reason why you can’t use four remix decks at once. What do you think is coming?


3 thoughts on “Traktor S4 Price Drop

  1. I am anxiously waiting myself, the fact that NI broke ties with Pioneer on developing a new Traktor version of the Pioneer controller tells me that they are putting out something of their own. I’m impatiently waiting to make jump away from Itch to Traktor but don’t want to purchase an S4 if it will be replaced soon.

  2. My heart starts beating soo fast when I get to thinkn about Traktors next controller! I would LOVE to see something along the lines of a DDJ-TX (I know that’s pioneer but I’m talking about build quality). However I am greatful for the price drop on the S4 as I am about to purchase in the next couple weeks. Aside from a ddj tx, I’d also like to see a new S4R (R for Remix) with xlr outs, stand a lone mixer with added touch pads to control the remix/sample decks and maybe some bigger jogs. Just my opinion though.

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