Traktor Tips New Logo

Traktor Tips LogoAs the popularity of Traktor Tips pages has grown over the last few months the old self designed, half stolen logo, adapted from Traktor’s old logo design, was no longer cutting it!

After the move to the new web design in November 2012, the next thing on the list was the logo. Finally we can provide you with a more professional look and we hope you like it.

We have some cool variations that we will throw at you over time and hope that Traktor Tips becomes a recognizable brand.

I wanted to thank a good friend Charles Goddard for designing the logo. Charles is based out of the UK and you can find more of his stuff on his site. Also, he is on twitter, albeit not too active at this moment! Maybe we can coax him into action on Twitter!?

Thanks for all your continued support!

Coming soon: a beginner video series for Traktor – Sign up to receive notifications of this.

Traktor Tips Logo

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