Calling all Traktor DJ iPad App Users

NI_Traktor_DJ_Cue_PointsThe Friday Guest Mix has been very popular and is an excellent way to get your mix out infront of others. Each week we have selected a great DJ set from the pool of Traktor Tips readers on Twitter. This week though, there will be no Friday Guest Mix, but in it’s place a shout out for all those DJ’s out there that have recently begun to use Native Instruments New Traktor DJ iPad App.

Here at Traktor Tips we want to highlight what sort of talent is out there and what sort of DJ Mix is achievable simply by using your iPad.

So fire up your iPad and start mixing.

To submit your mix you can use either Facebook or Twitter


To submit your mix via Facebook, first you need to ‘Like’ our Facebok Page, then, once you have uploaded your iPad DJ mix to your preferred hosting site, simply post a link to your mix in your status on your own Facebook Profile or Page, making sure that you also tag Traktor Tips in your post – (you can link to us by putting the ‘@’ symbol in your status before you start to type Traktor Tips)
Your post will look something like this:

Facebook Traktor DJ Mix submission

Make sure that you set the publish setting to public before you hit post.


To submit your mix through twitter first make sure you follow Traktor Tips on Twitter and then simply click the button below to submit your Traktor DJ iPad App Mix to us.
(Remember to insert the link to your mix inside the tweet)

I will reply to let you know I have received your tweet.

If you don’t know how to record a mic you should check this out

Good Luck

Thanks for taking part – I can’t wait to hear all your iPad Mixes – Good Luck!

If you have any questions about the process please feel free to ask in the comments below.

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8 thoughts on “Calling all Traktor DJ iPad App Users

  1. I can’t export or share mixes I’ve recorded within TraktorDJ on the Ipad (although I can se / play them with Traktor DJ). What am I missing!?!? How can you do this?

    1. Plug your iPad into iTines, then in the ‘Apps’ Section, scroll to the bottom to the ‘documents’ area, you will see Traktor DJ and inside there will be your mixes – you can import it to your computer from there!

      1. thank you… why does NI assume we will all know where to find our mixes… this requires specific instructions

  2. 1. Can we submit thru both Facebook and twitter? Not just one or the other..
    2. Any deadline?
    3. Any time limit?

    Thanks! Good on ya to do this… No one else is, and the app is just fantastic..

    1. Go ahead and submit on either and whenever you like……I would like some to publish for next Friday if possible!

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