Your Questions Need Answers – Z2 Mapping?

S4 Browse encoderIt’s time to hand over a question to my very knowledgable readers and followers:-
Tim asks…..

I bought the Z2. Any idea how to map the browse knob so that it works the same as on the S4? There has to be a mapping somewhere but I can’t find it…

We all love the way the S4 browse encoder works: You turn the knob to scroll through tracks, you press it in to pre-listen to a track in the preview player, you turn it whilst the track is in the preview player to skip through the track, you press it again to stop previewing the track and you’re back to browsing your tracks.

If you have any suggestions or resources for Tim, please fire it in the comments below – Thanks

One thought on “Your Questions Need Answers – Z2 Mapping?

  1. I already posted this on the Facebook page but I will post it here for increased visibility

    “I’m not sure of the existing functionality for the encoder on the the Z2 but I will attempt to answer this complicated question with a simple answer.

    I will not be able to give exact mapping names since I am currently away from my DJing station. The user will be assumed to know what the related mappings for each function are.

    Tim will need to do a few things here.

    Add a modifier that changes when the encoder is pressed down. This modifier should be changed back and forth between 0 and 1 when the encoder is pressed.

    The existing mapping for scrolling through tracks with this encoder needs to be set to only work when modifier = 0.

    You can then add the prelisten start/stop button. If there are separate controls for starting and stopping then starting should be set to only work when modifier = 0 and stopping should be set to only work on modifier = 1.

    Finally you will want to add a mapping that controls the search in pre-listen, you will want to map this to the encoder in relative mode and set it to only work when the modifier = 1.

    These steps should accomplish the behavior that Tim is looking for.”

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