Issues with Traktor DJ iPad App

After the dust has settled following the initial hype and all commotion to install and get the new Traktor DJ App running, what have we noticed about the Traktor DJ App? Are you having some syncing issues with Traktor DJ iPad App?

What are we actually Syncing?

Native Instruments say that we can Sync Metadata! Great, but what actually IS that? After a little digging around I found this article on the NI Knowledge Base. It tells us for a more in depth explanation to see section 18.8 of the Traktor 2 Manual. This does not exists – but some information can be found in section 20.8.

It seems that the best functionality of the iPad Traktor DJ App for those wishing to use it with Traktor Pro 2 is:

  • When you purchase new tracks on your iPad and you want to analyze them and add beatgrids and hot cues whilst on the move.


  • When you want to take your iPad to DJ instead of your computer

The only function that I have been unable to set up (maybe this is lacking), is the ability to sync your newly created playlists that you create on your iPad to your Traktor Pro.

The Traktor Pro 2 Manual says:

  • All iOS devices must be synchronised with the same iTunes Library running on the same computer as Traktor Pro. iOS devices linked to other computers/libraries will not be able to sync properly.

So is this my problem? As I have my iPad synced to my iMac and Traktor Pro is on my Mac Air, this could be the cause of the issue.

Testing out iPad Sync

In order to test this theory, I did the follwing:-

  • Back up iPad on the iMac (or Main iTunes Computer).
  • Then connect the iPad to the DJ Laptop, whilst logged in to the same account that I use Traktor on.
  • Make sure that this copy of iTunes is ‘authorized’ to use my iTunes account
    • Store > Authorize This Computer > Type in your iTunes Account info
  • ‘Transfer purchases’ from my iPad to this new location of iTunes (So that I have the Traktor DJ App.
    • Right Click the iPad icon in the side bar* > Transfer Purchase (This may take some time as it will transfer all Apps and music that you have on the iPad.
  • Sync Relevant content to your iPad

*If you don’t have the sidebar displayed in your iTunes, simply go to ‘View’ in the menu bar and select ‘Show SideBar’

You must obviously go through all the steps to set up the Syncing of Traktor with iTunes and Drop Box too (Which you have likely already done) I would also make sure you read the following two Native Instruments publications thoroughly:

What Changed

Traktor DJ AppAfter going through all of this process, I am still unable to create a playlist on the iPad for it to appear on Traktor or in iTunes. One thing that did however change was the both ways syncing. In other words, I had some songs on my iPad that I had imported into Traktor DJ, that have now been added to my Traktor Music Collection.

I tested out creating and deleting playlists in iTunes on the DJ laptop, none of this syncs with the iPad App.

Secondly, if you buy music on the move and download tracks to your iPad, through iTunes, this track will then be available to you in your Traktor DJ App for you to lay cue points and loops. Before this information can be seen in your Traktor Pro 2 software you must connect your iPad to your computer and ‘Transfer Purchases‘. (NI recommend you do not have automatic download activated for your music)


After these more in depth tests, I can conclude that Traktor DJ and Traktor Pro 2 do not sync Playlists, this is a huge oversight by Native Instruments and I feel this is something they should strive to add in future App Updates.

I feel that the syncing set up required here is not straightforward enough for the beginner and due to many different possible complications involving iTunes, dropbox, Flac and M4a files there is still a lot of work to do to make this marriage; a marriage made in heaven.

Have your Say

I’d love to hear any feedback from the readers – Have you experienced the same? Are your Playlists Syncing?

Is there something I have missed or other experiences you have had that you would like to share…. Let us all know in the comments.


26 thoughts on “Issues with Traktor DJ iPad App

  1. I have just got a new Ipad pro 12’9 256gb and have ipad 4 64gb which is about 5 years old, both analyse tracks to double the amount I have on each of them is this normal, it just takes so long to analyse nowadays

  2. When I sync my Dropbox account, I cannot see the music in Traktor iPhone that I’m syncing. Do I have to store it in any particular folder on Dropbox? I’m surprised there isn’t a “Dropbox” in the Playlists section…

  3. When I mix from track one to track two I have no problem but when the mix has already been done and I want to mix again from track two to track one and I load the song on track one it imedialy syncs with that song, I belive is because I am using the irig mix but how do I solve this problem?

  4. Hi

    Maybe you can help me. I am having problems with bmp analysis in the app. A lot of tracks that i know should be 130/128 bpm are analyzed as 86.6 bmp.
    Has anyone else seen this ?


    1. I haven’t been using the App, so have no real answer for you. Maybe if you sync with Traktor Pro and sync all meta data, the details from traktor pro will carry over onto the iPad and fix your issue?

  5. traktor matches the beats but not on the sequence, when I go to drop track B (I have a marker right at the very first bass line perfect) right at climax of a break from track A, the timing is always off. I hold the marker right at the break and then hit the play button and it says the beats are in sync but the counts are all off. so if the bass line from a goes 1 2 3 4, the beats will be matched but track b will be paired up with track 1 starting at beat 3 or 4 and not 1!!! Im frustrated please help

    1. Instead of pressing play – bring up the hot cue panel and when you want to launch track B, press and hold the hot cue at where you want the track to start – then whilst still holding the hot cue button, press play too. Hopefully that helps @c60997dfe93225ed231b53d0924f5f3d:disqus

  6. I can’t find a way to make a playlist where I set the order ahead of time and then work my way through it. It automatically sorts by song title, bpm, or pitch but I don’t see a “song order.” for long sets that range across genres (something you can’t sort for) especially this makes it nearly unusable.

  7. Hi,

    Not sure if anyone has had this happen but my deck “A” wave form is locked and/or stuck. It won’t allow me to scrub through the tracks to different points. It still zooms in and out to change the beat grid size. Any ideas on how to get it back to normal? LMK thx


    1. I’d maybe try re-starting the app. First of all close the app – then bring it up in the dock by double tapping the home button. then close the app by clicking the red close button.

      If that fails you can force quit the app whilst it is open. to do this – whilst traktor app is open hold down the on off button on the ipad / iphone until you see the swipe to turn off screen. Then hold the home button until the app resets. (this is not something you want to do too often, but it may fix your issue here!)

  8. Does anybody experienced the following behaviour. Whyle loading a track app freez for a few seconds. Some track’s need to be relaoded before they can be played.

  9. I think playlist only work if you have “iTunes match”.
    I will do some testing as soon as i have configured the syncing

  10. It’s called Flux mode Caleb, it’s been implemented in Traktor pro 2.6 and is set PERMANENTLY ‘ON’ in Traktor Dj, if your tunes are out of sync only adjusting the beat grid will help as there is no pitch bend… Gay, I know!

  11. I had a question about the auto sync in this app. It is like waaay overboard. I realize that the bpm will sync but when I try and grab the “wave” in the UI to get a timing and beat match i want its like the song keep playing and as soon as I let go it just goes to the place currently playing in the song. Know what I mean?

  12. Answer is to grab it with a mouse click and drag it to ur desktop. If you use the command, u get that error.

  13. I do that and I can see the wav file but I keep getting an error message when I try to save the file. something along the lines of file not there.

    1. Hey Brendan, I am going to do a quick vodeo tutorial on this soon – but in the meantime: Connect your iPad to iTunes, click on the iPad in iTunes and then in the App section. At the bottom you will see a documents section – this, click the Traktor DJ App section and you will find your recording there!

      1. Hi Alan, I did all what you indicate to export my recording in the ipad to my iTunes library in a Windows 7 pc but the following error appeared: (I’m Spanish so I’ll try to translate the message)
        “CCCC.wav” can’t be copied because an error has occurred. File requested has not been found.

        I’ve been looking for this error in a lot of pages but nobody writes about this error. I hope you can help me with this issue. Thank you very much in advance, Raúl

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