Recording with Traktor iPad App

One question with regards to Recording with Traktor iPad App has been coming up a lot amongst Traktor Tips Readers and on many DJ forums around the web:-

How do I get my DJ Mix Set Recording off my iPad?

Well, here in this video and in the below text is your answer:-

Recording your Mix

It is very simple to initially record your mix – the button on the iPad in the top right corner that looks like a ‘speaker’ symbol; contains a record button, pressing it turns it red and begins recording.
Once you have completed your mix, you can press it again to stop recording.

Getting your Mix off your iPad

You have to connect your iPad to your computer and open up iTunes in order to get access to your new recording.

  • Navigate to the iPad in iTunes
  • Head to the Apps section.
  • Scroll down inside the Apps page (the entire page – not just the list of Apps) to the ‘File Sharing’ section of the page. Here you will see all the Apps that are capable of File sharing.
  • Click on the Traktor DJ App, doing so will cause you to discover a list of documents on the right side under the ‘documents’ heading. Each one of these files is a DJ mix recording that you performed on the Traktor DJ iPad App.

The files are labelled by date and time so you can easily see which mix you want to use.

  • Traktor iPad App in iTunesHighlight one of the mixes by clicking on it and then in the bottom right corner of this documents window, you will see two buttons: ‘Add…‘ & ‘Save…
  • Clicking save will open up your hard drives browser enabling you to select a Save location.
  • Chose where you would like to save this mix and Hey Presto – you now have your iPad DJ Mix on your computer for you to use however you wish.

Don’t forget to check the quick 5 minute video above to see it for yourself.

What Now?

Now you know how to save your recordings, it’s time to submit your mixes for featuring on Traktor Tips.


19 thoughts on “Recording with Traktor iPad App

  1. I hve multiple mixes i cannot get off my phone. I followed the steps and it just makes a file they has nothing there

  2. I can’t seem to get my recodings to play once I have gotten them off my iPad onto my PC .. I can see the files but they won’t play

  3. Well, ideally, it would be to perform a short 30 second mashup, copy that into a DAW like BM2 or Auria, construct new drums and synths, and properly remix my creation, no PC transfer, just straight export to the pasteboard

  4. Well, ideally… it would be to perform a short 30 second mashup, copy that into a DAW like BM2 or Auria… construct new drums and synths, and properly remix my creation… no PC transfer, just straight export to the pasteboard…

  5. This is pants… why cant you ‘Open in’ or Export ? Going to have to take my Desktop PC with me everytime I need to edit…

  6. I did your steps but it wont let me save my mix. It keeps saying “could not be copied because an error occurred. The required file cannot be found” What file am i missing. I don’t have traktor 2 on my computer. I just bought Traktor DJ.

    1. Hey Jeff, without seeing the iPad, I’m not sure what it might be. Did you get it sorted? You don’t need traktor 2, it should work fine with just the iPad App. Perhaps you have an unstable iPad, have you updated the operating system recently?

      1. Im having the same issue, new ipad mini too, I cannot rename as you said to try, there are no options in traktor to do this, you can select Edit and delete the mix recording but that’s all.

      2. I haven’t been using the iPad app too much, sorry. I shall maybe start playing with it over the holidays. As far as I know – I would try putting it onto your PC and then renaming it – then you can just drag the new mix back onto your iPad? Right?

    2. Try renaming the mix in Traktor. Then save the newly renamed track from itunes. Worked for me.

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