Traktor Key Detection and Scales Chart

We just received this awesome little video and chart download from a reader of Traktor Tips, Justin Fry. Justin has created this rather useful chart to explain the Traktor key detection and how the key codes relate to the relevant Major and Minor Musical Scales.

If you were wondering what all the pretty colours , numbers and letters all actually meant then this is the video for you. Justin has also included a link where you can download a printable version of this chart in the video comments section – to save you hunting for it – you can also get it here.

Thank Justin by subscribing to his excellent videos on Youtube!

For more on Key Detection check the following articles:-
Traktor Key Detection in Traktor 2.6.1
Reactions to Traktor 2.6.1


4 thoughts on “Traktor Key Detection and Scales Chart

  1. Its a shame the new key detection does not write to an id3 tag. This means you can’t copy it to field viewable in iTunes. Since I use smart playlists pretty heavily these days, I’ll be sticking with MIK for now. Hope for a change, as I’m a firm believer in as few steps as possible in the workflow!
    I do think the downbeat detection has improves though, so well done NI.

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