Traktor iPad DJ Guest Mix and Review – Kieran Bowley

A few weeks ago I put a call out for any of you with the new iPad DJ App to submit a DJ Set that you had performed entirely on the Traktor DJ iPad App. I have received a few interesting submissions, but the following mix highlights what is possible with the App.

Kieran Bowley

Kieran has been an integral part of the Traktor Tips community, helping out with forum posts and other Guest Mixes in the past. He is actively engaged with Traktor Tips on Twitter and as such I wanted to feature this first full length 90 minute Traktor iPad DJ Mix.

The mixing is excellent during this trance set and really showcases what is possible with the app! It seems that all the levels are right and there’s a good number of effects being used throughout the set.

Take a listen for yourself:

Making the Traktor DJ iPad Mix

Kieran has kindly agreed to share with you all how the mix came to be along with a mini review of his findings during the creation process of the DJ Set.

First of all there was no prep for this mix what so ever. I was lounging in bed with with a couple of hours to kill before work. I had a small dock next to the bed that I connected my iPad to and just mixed my way through 90mins worth of my favorite trance tunes, using the suggested tracks as a rough guide. The whole thing was mixed with no headphone monitoring what so ever, complete trust in the software getting it right when starting each track. And as you can hear the software is pretty rock solid!

Mixing on this thing is an absolute pleasure as long as all of your grids are tiptop! There were 1 or 2 tracks where the grid had shifted from where the were supposed to be in TP2, those were skipped and checked in TP2 after my little mix was complete. The grids were perfect in TP2 and still slightly off in TDJ, i’m sure this will be resolved in future updates.

kieran ipadThe whole mixing side of things on TDJ could not be simpler. Using the EQ and swapping over bass/mid was a breeze when in the mix, can be a bit touchy on the rare occasion but nothing to put you or the audience off what they are hearing. The effects are very fun indeed, I found myself maybe over using these as they were so intuitive to use, not a problem on this particular mix as its supposed to be a showcase of what the software can do. Its nice combining the Effects with the Filter too, can create some really nice sounds if you have the time to play around and get used to what works and what does not!

Over all I would recommend TDJ to any DJ that already used any sort of digital DJ Package. I would only sync from TP2 to TDJ not the other way round. Get your grids right on the PC then sync away to the iPad then your all set.

This software is truly groundbreaking and can only get better and better with future updates.

Full track list for my TDJ Showcase mix:

01. Wolfgang Gartner – Montezuma
02. Analogue Sound Department – Greetings (Ferry Corsten Edit)
03. Andain – Turn Up The Sound (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)
04. Mat Zo – Loop
05. Gai Barone – Hydra (Wellenrausch Remix)
06. Zedd feat. Matthew Koma – Spectrum (Arty Remix)
07. Max Graham – Sona
08. Mat Zo – Synapse Dynamics
09. Sunny Lax – Contrast (Oliver Smith remix)
10. Sunny Lax – Isla Margarita
11. Garath Emery & Ashley Wallbridge – DUI
12. Mat Zo & Arty – Rebound
13. Arty, Aadia & BT – Must Be the Love
14. Signum – First Strike (Juventa Club Mix)
15. Heatbeat- Rocka Monster

Be sure to follow Kieran on SoundCloud for lots of awesome music and mixes and engage with him on twitter.

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4 thoughts on “Traktor iPad DJ Guest Mix and Review – Kieran Bowley

  1. Can someone tell me how to upload a mix (eg to soundcloud) or get it onto my laptop from my iPad? It’s really bugging me.

  2. After listening to this mix i do believe Kieran Bowley has some exceptional skills for when it comes to using the program and they could be used for alot more!, Does the Gentleman DJ For a Living? if not then he’s doing something wrong.

    Fantastic Music, Fantastic Mix, Keep up the good work!

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