Traktor iPad App shown off by DJ Shiftee

It seems that news of the Traktor iPad App has taken over Traktor news in recent weeks and it hasn’t yet stopped. A nice little video from Native Instruments has been circulating the DJ world showing DJ Shiftee carting around a large speaker through the streets of Berlin and performing on an iPad.

Showcasing most of the features of the recently released app, the video shows the creative possibilities of the App, along with a club cross-over and the possibilities of using it within a club. (looks like equipment use for the ‘online DMC Championships, is not restricted, so it could be used there too. However, if you happened to be the winner of the online championship, you would need to abide by the rules of the world DMC championships, which would not allow the use of anything other than turntables and a mixer).

I like the funny little ending to the video – go see for yourself….

For more on the iPad App, check out the articles below:-

2 thoughts on “Traktor iPad App shown off by DJ Shiftee

  1. I downloaded the app and have started to use it… I can say that versus djay from Algoriddim… this is far easier to use… Love it. However… One thing I cannot seem to figure out is how to force the app to continue to analyze all my music for wave forms and BPMs. Last night it stalled out at 920 of about 2800 tracks. Any pointers? Ideas?

    1. Hi Drew – thanks for your comment – That sure is a lot of tracks on your iPad. I think it continues to analyse each time you open the App, so I am sure it will eventually get through all your tracks….

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