Tweet Your Tracks

Social media plays a huge part in all aspects of our lives and seems like it’s here to stay. There are many benefits to be had by maintaining a presence in social media and there are many aspects to promoting yourself as a DJ. One great tool for contributing to this, is to tweet your tracks names as you play them live.

Traktor Scrobbler

Following a forum post on Traktor Tips, I decided to check out Traktor Scrobbler. This is a program that connects Traktor to Twitter and automatically sends a tweet as you begin to play a track in the decks in Traktor.
traktor scrobbler
Obviously you must make sure all your tracks are labelled correctly, aside from this, it is very simple to set up.
There are two versions; one for Windows and one for Mac.


  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8, Mac OS X
  • Traktor Pro 1 or 2

Setup and Usage

  • Log in to your twitter account
  • Start Traktor Pro and Traktor Scrobbler
  • In Traktor Preferences > Broadcasting assign Proxy to None, in Server Settings Address type localhost and set the port to 8008  (screenshot below) If port 8008 is in use by another application you can choose a different one, but also have to change it in the configuration-file of Traktor Scrobbler.
  • Switch to the record-panel in Traktor Pro and click on the broadcast-symbol! If everything worked both broadcast-symbol will be lit constantly like in the following picture.
  • Play some tracks! Traktor’s default delay before assigning a new current track is 10 seconds. This can be adjusted in the Preferences with Transport > Min. Playtime from 0 to 60 seconds.

You can then change the custom message to read whatever you like. There is more settings to also send tracks to nicecast if you are broadcasting that way too – Go ahead and download the version you require from the links above the ‘requirements’ paragraph.

Traktor Scrobbler in more detail

For more information on Scrobbler please visit the developers page and don’t forget to buy him a beer.
Since it’s initial release, there has been improvements, you can read about these in this newer article.





6 thoughts on “Tweet Your Tracks

  1. The app hasn’t received an update since it’s initial release 2 years ago. Don’t think one will come. But glad it still works on Mountain Lion.

  2. This should help correct the main complaint I’ve had with similar programs. It’s nice to see an adjustable delay before it pulls the track to tweet! I’ve been displeased with similar programs with no delay in tweeting because they would tweet out tracks I was cueing and would end up sending out the data well before the track was actually live and would send data of tracks I skipped over and went with a new track. Nice find!

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