Traktor DJ Mix – DJ MLR

DJ MLRThere’s just no letting up with the talent out there amongst the Traktor Tips readers – Not only is it inspiring for other reasers to listen to other DJ’s, but it’s such a great way to expose yourself to new music. I have quite the task of listening to all your submissions each week, but I love it as it’s where I get most of my musical accompaniment each week. I never quite know what to expect when I press play on your mixes, but I am often pleasantly surprised and this week is no exception.

DJ MLR takes us on a musical journey in his April Mix below. I seem to feel that the best DJ’s are the ones that take you on a little journey. This mix, starts off with a garage undertone to it, increasing to a bouncy house feel with a lot of soul and an occasional tribal tech edge. It sure is a journey – Don’t miss out – Listen right now to this weeks Traktor DJ Mix.

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DJ MLR – Starting his DJ career in 2011, DeAndre Miller (DJ MLR/ DJ ミラー) has quickly caught the attention of people from around the world. Born with a passion for music and he loves to play and share music with everyone. Though specializing in Deep/Tech House and Drum & Bass, his mixes include all ranges of Electronic Dance Music. Satoshi Fumi, Hideo Kobayashi, Taku Takahashi and Jaguar Skills are some of the DJs who have influenced him and his style. His future plans consist of producing original tracks and DJing all over the world. He is from Virginia, USA but currently lives in Zushi, Japan.

April Mix by Dj Mlr on Mixcloud

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What better way to gain exposure for your mixes – every DJ that has featured as our Friday Guest Mix has noticed an increase in listeners – You help us help you. Here at Traktor Tips we want to spread the news of great DJ’s and give you all a place to promote your skills and efforts.

Happy DJ’ing.


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