Unload Deck Using Keyboard Command in Traktor

When starting out with Traktor there are so many things to think about and so much is unexplained.  There is a lot of information in the manual, including a short cut keyboard map for you to check out. Traktor has included many great functions in the keyboard shortcuts, but as many people use traktor differently, the list of shortcuts may not be fully kitted out with functions that are appropriate to the way you like to use Traktor.

Load / Unload Deck

Whilst it’s very easy to load a deck, it’s not entirely obvious how to unload one. There is no way to drag the track off the deck, and no button included to unload a deck. You might ask why would you want to unload a deck in the first place, surely you can just load another track right over the top of the current one? Yes, this is true, but sometimes you might just want a nice clean look to know where you are at in a set, perhaps you’re passing over to another DJ using the same computer and you want to just clear down the deck as an act of courtesy?

How to Unload a deck using the keyboard

As there is no default command set up to unload a deck, we have to create one. It is very simple and to do so you should follow the below steps, or watch the video:

  • Open Traktor Preferences
  • Head into the Controller Manager section
  • in the top drop down, make sure you have selected the Keyboard Mapping
  • Click ‘Add in…’
  • Then locate the Unload deck command in the functions browser tree
  • Turn the ‘Learn’ button on
  • Type in the key or keys you would like to use for unloading a deck
  • I used ‘Shift’ & ‘~’ (known as a tilde)
  • The deactivate the ‘Learn’ button and close preferences

You are now able to unload your deck using this keyboard shortcut.

Check out the Video below to follow along:


3 thoughts on “Unload Deck Using Keyboard Command in Traktor

  1. Thanks for this tip Alan. I had often wanted to unload decks and was not aware this function was available

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