MixLR with Traktor – How to Connect

Broadcasting to MixLR with Traktor recently became easier. This tutorial will show you how to broadcast your DJ sets live to MixlR with Traktor and the Kontrol S4. Many other controllers will follow the same rule.

Broadcasting on MixLR with Traktor

MixLR recently launched a new App, which is still in Beta testing, but for me seemed to work pretty flawlessly. It enables you to broadcast your DJ Mix right from your bedroom or club, to all your friends online.
Once you have set up an account at MixLR, you can downloaded the App and Sign in. I recommend connecting MixLR to your Facebook and Twitter accounts as it means you can announce to your friends each time you go live. This will help you build an audience.

How to Connect your Controller

I will be using the Traktor Kontrol S4, but the same principle applies to all other similar midi controllers. The ‘How’To‘ on the MixLR page uses a Hercules controller and the same principle applies.

  • Once you have created an account at MixLR you need to download the MixLR App.
  • Chose the recommended option (instructions in the video below).

mixlr with Traktor

Once installed you can simply open up traktor and connect up your S4 (if it’s not already)

  • Connect your S4 in the normal way.
  • Set the Audio settings to the Kontrol S4 and the latency to 512.
  • Set the Output routing to Internal.
  • Connect you Main Speaker out to your Speakers.
  • Use a second RCA connector with 1/4 inch jack adaptors on one end to connect the Jack output on your S4 to the RCA inputs 1 & 2 on your S4.
  • Fire Up MixLR.
  • In the Audio Panel, select from the drop down which Audio Source you want.
  • Select Kontrol S4 Channel 1 & 2 – (this is the channel that you sent the secondary output to).
  • Check you have the little ‘line/phono’ switch, set to ‘line’ on that input.

Now you should play a track on the S4 and make sure you can see the level meter display in your MixLR app.

MixLR with Traktor Audio Levels

Now you are set up to use Mixlr with Traktor you can also share your mixes to Facebook & Twitter.

Check out the short 3 minute video below and follow along with the setup – Once you are all set up, feel free to post your MixLR links in the comments……

Want to broadcast using Traktor Kontrol S2?


19 thoughts on “MixLR with Traktor – How to Connect

  1. how would i connect my MIXLR using traktor with my S4 as well as an audio 8 do i still need to Use a second RCA connector with 1/4 inch jack adaptors on one end to
    connect the Jack output on your S4 to the RCA inputs 1 & 2 on your
    S4. or can i somehow route it through the Audio 8 ? also if i was playing out in a club and i wanted to broadcast how would i accomplish this ? normally i would be out using my audio 8 timecode vinyl and dj mixer how can i accomplish this ?

    1. Looks like both could have advantages, I’ve never used beat bravo (yet). Just signed up for an account, but I like the way mixlr is set up because it gives me options on what to use for the input device.. Right now I am using an old M-Audio conectiv card connected to a netbook, in the future I might test it out with my iphone.. Bottom line.. I would rather not have my mixing computer do anything except for mixing the audio.. I have other devices that can handle streaming and recording.

      EDIT: One disadvantage I’ve noticed about beat bravo (could also be a failing of mixlr though) is that it requires the use of Traktor’s internal streaming capabilities, and if I am ever going to get the tune tweeting (read trainspotting) abilities going.. I need that panel to be used for third party software…

      Though I honestly wish mixlr would just develop this as an addendum feature based upon the methods all of the other software options use.

      1. Not absolutely sure but I’ve never seen the LR capitalized and I always thought it was like tumblr or flickr. But I could be wrong.

      2. I’ll ask them – I was assuming it was L=left R=right as in the channels…. stand by for clarification!

      3. i thought it was pronounced “mix-ler” too so no worries, i think either way people will know what you’re talking about

      4. I’d go with the official vid.. Plus, I believe I heard somewhere that they named it to sound like tumblr. That and I’ve never seen LR separately capitalized.. But.. Different strokes..

  2. If using Deck C for remix would you go 1/4in to 3 & 4? Would it use Deck C/D “live Input”?

    1. Hi – it all depends on which inputs you send the output to. As in the video I route the additional outputs to inputs 1 & 2 – If you decide to send them to the input 3 & 4 then chose 3 & 4.

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