Mini Traktor iPhone App Review

This mini review was brought to you by Matt from F1 DJ’s.
Traktor DJ iPhoneI have been using the Traktor app for the iphone. First impressions are wow, great bit of tech and loads to play with. After using it for a few hours its like having the S2 in your hand. I have made a few mixtapes on it only 30-40 mins long and when listened back they are better than what i thought when making them.

The one thing i do miss is the touch of a knob (no jokes please) and fader. But saying that for a touch screen version you can do all you need to if you plan on mixing two tracks together. I have plugged it into a mixer and the sound is good. We mixed on the phone for 30 mins to people at a party and everyone was impressed.

Overall dead easy to use and still finding bits out as i play with it more. Just make sure you have some great tunes in your phone libary to get you rocking at at BBQ or house party.

One thought on “Mini Traktor iPhone App Review

  1. Agree. I am also using S4 and I am Apple fan, so time when I will rock party with my iPhone or iPad Mini with Traktor app is coming! 🙂

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