Music Radar Looks at the Power of the ‘Play Button’

Play ButtonIn a recent article from Music Radar, they consider the words of Deadmau5 when he ‘confessed’ that all he does is hit the play button and that anyone can do it. Music Radar takes a deeper look into it and explains why there is definitely more to it than just hitting play.

Once you’ve got that computer, a significant number of options present themselves to you. Let’s consider Native Instruments’ Traktor – arguably the most popular DJing software currently on the market – which, these days, enables you to do far more than simply mix one record into another and then sprinkle a few effects over the top.

Not only does it give you four decks to work with (as opposed to the more traditional pair), but it now includes Remix Decks, which are specifically designed for live remixing and rearranging of tracks.

To read the full article head on over to: Music Radar – “How Should You Perform Your Electronic Music Live”

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