Kontrol Z1 announced by Native Instruments

The popularity of the Traktor DJ for iPad has spurred the next generation of DJ controllers for Native Instruments – But this is not JUST for iPad users, this is much more! Native Instruments introduce the Kontrol Z1.


Not sure we saw this coming: A nice little X1/F1 styled controller, named the Z1, for use with the iPad Traktor DJ software. The unit features a built in sound card! Great idea. This Z1 might just be the perfect addition to an X1 only package too?

Don’t have an iPad? Even Better…

The Kontrol Z1 can be used to control the iPad Traktor DJ App by simply plugging directly into it. Doing so won’t interfere with the touch functionality of the iPad App. You can now simply rock up to a bar with your iPad and the Z1 and throw down a decent mix (so long as you are using ‘sync-able’ tracks). Aside from this super portable set up, those that aren’t interested in using an iPad can use the Kontrol Z1 as a mixer in conjunction with their current Traktor Pro setup; perhaps with an X1 or with an X1 & F1 as outlined in the diagram below:

Setup X1, F1, Z1

The beauty of this set up means that you can rid yourself of your Audio 8 and your mixer and simply replace it with the Z1. Initially the price of the Z1 seemed a little high, but when you understand that it can be used to replace your mixer and your audio card, it suddenly seems to hold more value.

Your Z1 will control the mixer functions of decks A & B and your F1 can control each remix channel using it’s built in volume faders. Genius! It seems that NI have their road map nicely in place. For more info check out the Press release below or head over to the NI site.

Native Instruments Kontrol Z1 Press release

On June 11th 2013 NI announced TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1, the world’s smallest professional mixer and audio interface, to natively connect to both the TRAKTOR DJ App for iPad and iPhone, and TRAKTOR PRO 2. When combined with the critically-acclaimed TRAKTOR DJ App, the Z1 adds headphone cue, and dedicated faders, filter and effects controls, and 3-band EQ for each channel. The integrated audio interface boosts audio output to club-ready levels – an important feature for iPad, iPad mini, iPhone and iPod touch setups – all without interfering with TRAKTOR DJ’s acclaimed touch interface. TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 also offers established TRAKTOR PRO 2 DJs a highly portable mixing interface when compact size and professional performance features are needed.

NI_Traktor_Kontrol_Z1_Packshot_ControllerFollowing TRAKTOR DJ’s overwhelming popular success and warm critical reception, TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 now provides TRAKTOR DJ users with an all-in-one 2-channel mixer, controller, and 24-bit soundcard. Its dedicated faders, filter and effects controls, and 3-band EQ for each channel automatically map to the software, instantly giving DJs added tactile control over their iPad, iPad mini, iPhone and iPod touch setups. The Z1’s cue section delivers headphone pre-listening of the next track for fluid, professional mixing, while the built-in 24-bit soundcard provides club-ready sound without the need for additional hardware. This combined with the Z1’s compact footprint gives users the most portable TRAKTOR DJ setup available today. With iPad, iPad mini, iPhone and iPod touch turned on, TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 even keeps the device charged, assuring DJs hours of performance fun.

TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 is also the smallest professional mixer for TRAKTOR PRO 2 users to date – perfect for intimate after-party gigs or any situation that requires both compact size and professional performance features. Thanks to plug-and-play connectivity with TRAKTOR and the included TRAKTOR LE software, DJs can immediately start mixing on their Mac or PC system. When combined with TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 and F1 controllers, TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 becomes part of a powerful, professional DJ setup including full control of TRAKTOR’s Remix Decks and transport functionality.

TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 connects to iPad, iPad mini, iPhone or iPod touch with an included 30-pin connector. Using the Z1 with iPad 4th generation, iPad mini, iPhone 5 or iPod touch 5th generation requires an Apple Lightning to 30-pin Adapter, which must be purchased separately from Apple.

TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 will be available at retailers worldwide and at the NI Online Shop for $199 / 199 € / 20800 ¥.


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